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God comes by himself

A Cup of Tea (112)

Do not waste even a moment

A Cup of Tea (111)

Giving birth to oneself

A Cup of Tea (110)

Dance for dancing’s sake

A Cup of Tea (109)

Leave yourself to the unknown

A Cup of Tea (107)

Live free!

A Cup of Tea (105)

Every day death is there

A Cup of Tea (103)

Watch the drama

A Cup of Tea (102)

Sannyas and in the world

A Cup of Tea (99)

Watch the flow of thoughts

A Cup of Tea (95)

The music not made by man

A Cup of Tea (94)

Search, Search and Search

A Cup of Tea (93)

What Is Is

A Cup of Tea (92)

How much longer?

A Cup of Tea (91)

Trust and Know

A Cup of Tea (89)


A Cup of Tea (88)

16. In Memory of Alan Watts

How many books have I talked about in the P.P.S? Hmmm? "Forty, Osho." Forty? "Yes, Osho."

15. I Am Waiting For You To Rise A Little Higher

Okay. The first book I am going to talk about in this P.P.S. is one nobody would think I would ever talk about.

Know Your Thoughts

A Cup of Tea (85)

He Has Never Been Lost

A Cup of Tea (84).

14. Please Don’t Freak Out, Freak In

I have come to know, Devageet, that you freaked out this morning. Once in a while freaking is a good exercise, but freaking out I don't support.

The State of No-Thought

A Cup of Tea (83).

Life’s Highest Enjoyment

A Cup of Tea (82)

What Priceless Words!

A Cup of Tea (81)

See, Just See

A Cup of Tea (80)

13. Never Be An Imitator

The first book today is Irving Stone's 'Lust for Life'. It is a novel based on the life of Vincent van Gogh.

12. Just Be – That Is My Manifesto

Okay, now this is the post-postscript. It is hard to understand my difficulty.

Samsara is Nirvana

A Cup of Tea (78)

11. I Love All Absurdities

Okay. How many books have I referred to in the P.S. up to now? "There have been forty books in the P.S., Osho."

God is our only wealth

A Cup of Tea (77)

10. That which cannot be spoken must not be spoken of

Okay, how many books have I talked about in the postscript - forty? "Thirty, I think, Osho."

Rest is the supreme goal

A Cup of Tea (75)

Don’t be in a hurry

A Cup of Tea (73)

9. You Have to be Rich to be Enlightened

Now is my time. I don't think anybody has spoken in a dentist's chair. I feel privileged. I see buddhas envious of me.