Archive for Books I Have Loved

16. In Memory of Alan Watts

How many books have I talked about in the P.P.S? Hmmm? "Forty, Osho." Forty? "Yes, Osho."

15. I Am Waiting For You To Rise A Little Higher

Okay. The first book I am going to talk about in this P.P.S. is one nobody would think I would ever talk about.

14. Please Don’t Freak Out, Freak In

I have come to know, Devageet, that you freaked out this morning. Once in a while freaking is a good exercise, but freaking out I don't support.

13. Never Be An Imitator

The first book today is Irving Stone's 'Lust for Life'. It is a novel based on the life of Vincent van Gogh.

12. Just Be – That Is My Manifesto

Okay, now this is the post-postscript. It is hard to understand my difficulty.

11. I Love All Absurdities

Okay. How many books have I referred to in the P.S. up to now? "There have been forty books in the P.S., Osho."

10. That which cannot be spoken must not be spoken of

Okay, how many books have I talked about in the postscript - forty? "Thirty, I think, Osho."

9. You Have to be Rich to be Enlightened

Now is my time. I don't think anybody has spoken in a dentist's chair. I feel privileged. I see buddhas envious of me.

8. The Miracle of All Miracles

Be a Junnatha - a seeker. The P.S. continues.

7. It Is Unsayable

Osho speaks on 10 mystics and their legacy - some of them in book form such as the Shiva Sutras, Light on the Path, and Guru Grantha Sahib,.

6. Truth Is Unspeakable

Osho speaks on 11 books and writings, among them The Dhammapada, Zorba the Greek, and Siddhartha.

5. Truth Needs No Commentary

Osho speaks on 11 books, among them The Songs of Kabir, The Secret Doctrine, and the Qur'an.

4. I am Facing the Immeasurable, the Unaccountable

Osho speaks on 11 books, among them The Song of Saraha, Let Go!, and Ramakrishna's Parables.

3. It Must Have Been A Conspiracy of the Gods

Osho speaks on 8 books, among them Tertium Organum and The First and Last Freedom.

2. My Time Was Over Long Ago

Osho speaks on 11 books, among them Notes of the Disciples of Bodhidharma and In Search of the Miraculous.

1. Silence Speaks in its Own Way

Osho speaks on 10 books, among them The Brothers Karamazov and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.