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Morning Reflections

Avikal on American / Japanese imperialism, selfies and narcissism

Narcissism Anyone?

Just the sheer amount of 'selfies' that are unleashed to the general public at an alarming rate is enough to make one wonder where humanity is headed to.

Who Is Who In This Story?

Addiction to technology as seen by creative French photographer, Antoine Geiger.

Selfie and Moksha

Keerti explores the phenomenon of selfies and how to take the concept further to witness emotions and feelings and ultimately self-realisation. The Asian Age, India, on February 3, [...]

Meditation Selfie – Complete the Circle

Osho speaks about the mirror meditation - pointed out to us by Marc with reference to the 'Selfie' craze

‘Selfie’ Word of the Year 2013

It is an odd word, that. I became aware of it for the first time a few months ago when a friend visiting from Australia coined the term which originated in Down-Under.