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Flying high in the toolshed

During a building crunch in Rajneeshpuram, something beyond words happened, writes Bhagawati.

Work should be a worship

The question is if your ego disappears into meditation what will happen to your work.

Work is Love Made Visible

Translating an Enlightened Vision into Action - a compilation of Osho's words.

Find the work that you love!

Subhan explains his four-step approach which has helped himself and many others find the work they love.

The Ant Work Ethic

Sadhana writes about her visit to 'Ant Financial' in Hangzou, China, a company that takes the ant as its role model. Published in The Asian Age on October 4, 2015.

Act Rightly

Ageh Bharti remembers Osho explaining the nature of the work to volunteers at the meditation camp in Nargol, Gujarat, in 1968.

Work to the Optimum

Osho on Work

Meditating On Work

Sadhana on the crisis in work engagement.

Work is Rest – Rest is Work

"Work is rest. Rest is work. How's that possible?" asks Kul Bhushan in this essay.

Working with Love

A little meditation from Osho