Events in Europe, Middle East, Africa and SE Asia

November 2020

Body Energy Training: Trauma Release Bodywork
with Moumina
3 – 8 November 2020
Osho Risk, Denmark
Re-connecting with the body is the way to healing and inner connection.

Dying to Live
with Shunyo and Tarika
4 – 8 November 2020
Istituto Osho Miasto, Tuscany, Italy
Many people realize when they are dying that they have not really lived.

The Love Keys
6 November 2020
Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany
Tears of joy. Goosebumps. Warmth of heart. When mantras sound through the voices and music of the Love Keys, wide spaces open up.

Light ChannelsLight Channels Retreat
with Jamie St Clair, Arpita Hamilton
8 – 13 November 2020
Gutshaus Parin Bio-Hotel, Wirtschaftshof 1, 23948 Parin, Germany
A process with light, color, Osho meditations, individual sessions, and live music created in 2020 for the Transformation happening now.

Training: Attachment patterns and trauma attachment constellations 2020
with Siddho, Anurag and Arpita
10 – 15 November
Osho Miasto (Tuscany), Italy
How to create adult love relationships.

Heart of Presence Training: Intuition Training
with Nishant Matthews
17 – 22 November 2020
Osho Risk, Denmark
Learn a dynamic, inspiring way of journeying in life, and of being of service to others.

Inner Judge Training 1
with Kapil
18 – 22 November 2020
Istituto Osho Miasto, Italy
The inner judge training focuses on the study and deepening of the functioning mechanisms of the superego and its relationship with the ego and personality.

Psychic Massage Training 1
with Vartan and Sagarpriya
19 – 22 November 2020
Istituto Osho Miasto, Italy
In the Psychic Massage Training you will acquire new skills related to physical contact with a client through massage and an energy reading of psychological structures that the person carries unconsciously in the body.

Tantra: the orgasmic body
with Radha
21  – 22 November 2020
Milan, Italy
Understanding that sex is not a need, but a cosmic experience, a liberation, one of the highest forms of meditation.

Myofascial Energetic Release
23 – 29 November 2020
Workshop Centre in Kikow, Kikow, Poland
Learn how to release pain from the body – module 2: feet, legs and hips.

Autumn Personal Retreat
with Nishant Matthews
24-29 November 2020
Osho Risk, Denmark
Take time out to relax with your own individually designed Personal Retreat.

Returning to balance
with Sagarpriya and Amar Leela
25 – 29 November 2020
Istituto Osho Miasto, Italy
This group is about a relationship that exists on the inside of ourselves.

Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release Syste Training
29 November – 6 December 2020
Workshop Centre in Kikow, Kikow, Poland
Access the state where energy flows freely through your being!

December 2020

Awakening the Body
with Ameyo
4 – 6 December 2020
Osho Risk, Denmark
Discover the intelligence of the body through a moving inquiry.

Sexuality free from guilt
with Prem Agostino
4 – 9 December 2020
Tuscany, Italy
A 5 day course to transform guilt, shame, low self-esteem. Suitable to everyone: there is no need to have a partner.

Mantra Concert with Satyaa & Pari
9 December 2020
Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany
The focus of their music is to touch and open the heart for love. Love for God, love for the divine, love for Life and Happiness.

Tantra – Deepening Intimacy – For Couples
with Anjori and Dhairya
23 – 26 December 2020
at Istituto Osho Miasto, Tuscany, Italy
It is a playful love-journey that explores some aspects about our life energy in action in our daily life and in our relationships.

New Year Festival – Energy Celebration
with Aneesha
27 December 2020 – 1 January 2021
Osho Risk, Denmark
Celebration, and the totality of energy it evokes, is one of Osho’s most transformational devices.


Body Energy Training
Part 3 – Tantric Pulsation
with Aneesha
8 – 13 January 2021
Deep breathing and neo-Reichian body exercises to de-armour areas around each chakra.

Vipassana Meditation Retreat
with Sumito & Hari-Om
17 – 27 January 2021
Osho Risk, Denmark
Vipassana uses the simple process of watching your natural breathing.

NishantHeart of Presence: Maitri – The Golden Key
with Nishant Matthews
16 – 21 February 2021
Osho Risk, Denmark
Experiences heartful awareness, in Touch, in Connection – what is often called Maitri.

Body Energy Training – Body Love
with Moumina
2 – 7 March 2021
Osho Risk, Denmark
Body-orientated work dealing with trauma, through to body pleasure and joy.

with Ganga
1 – 8 April 2021
Shangri La,CZ

Aneesha Osho Pulsation logoTantric Pulsation Training part 1
with Aneesha
7 – 13 April 2021
(pre-requisite: Pulsation Basic Training parts 1, 2, and 3)
Osho Miasto, Italy –

Aneesha Osho PulsationTantric Pulsation Training part 1
with Aneesha –
19 – 25 April 2021
St. Petersburg, Russia

Satori with GangaAwareness Intensive Training
with Ganga & Jivan
Three Modules of 7 days each
Module I: 10-17 April 2021
Module II: 4-11 September 2021
Module III: 9-16 April 2022
Bulgaria, Contact: Ganga

Heart of Presence: The Gift – The Art of Co-Creation
with Nishant Matthews
11 – 16 May 2021
Osho Risk, Denmark
Let go of the security of the past, embrace change, be-friend it, and co-create with it.

AneeshaTantric Pulsation Training part 2
with Aneesha –
2 – 8 August 2021
pre-requisite:Tantric Pulsation Training part 1
Parts 3 and 4, dates in 2022 to be announced)
Osho Miasto, Italy

Aneesha Osho Pulsation logoTantric Pulsation Training part 2
with Aneesha –
24 – 30 September 2021
St. Petersburg, Russia
(parts 3 and 4, dates in 2022 to be announced)
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Osho smiling14 Days Satori
with Ganga and Avikal
9 – 23 October2021
Corfu, Greece
Contact: Ganga or Pramod

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