Events in Europe & Middle East

February 2020

with Ganga
8 – 14 February 2020
Risk, Denmark
Contact: – +45 7575 2500

Usui Reiki Ryoho – Japanese Reiki Techniques
with Frank Arjava Petter
21 – 23 February 2020
Samtosha, Recklinghausen, Germany

March 2020

UpadhiMaster OPH Memory Access
with Upadhi
Osho Miasto, Tuscany, Italy
21 – 29 March 2020

April 2020

with Ganga
10 – 17 April 2020
Osho Shangri La, Czech Republic

Dance Alchemy Training Part I
10 – 19 April 2020
with Maneesha
Osho Miasto, Tuscany, Italy –
A  body-based transformational process through dance, the alchemy of transformation and meditation, laying the foundations for learning to work with and teach inner alchemy through movement or other somatic work.

Dance the Art of EcstasyDance, The Art of Ecstasy
with Maneesha
10 – 13 March
Osho Miasto Meditation Center, Tuscany, Italy

The Whispered Transmisssion – Advanced Tantra Course
with Radha C. Luglio
11 – 18 April 2020
Tuscany, Italy
Discovering sex and love as our deepest longing and potential in life. Advanced course. Previous background requested.

Tantra with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda SaritaTantra Essence Teacher Training – Part 3
with Ma Ananda Sarita & Dharmaraj
19 April – 2 May
Corfu, Greece

May 2020

Reflector Retreat
with Nisarg B. Nikiel
5 – 12 May 2020
Corfu, Greece

Chanting Heartsongs, Mantra & Kirtan
with Kevin James
17 May 2020
Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany
A powerful way to reconnect to the heart.

Three treasuresThree Treasures
with Anutosho and Nick
19 – 27 May 2020
Arillas, Corfu, Greece
A process inspired by Osho, consisting of 3 days laughing for 3 hours, then 3 days of crying, closing with 3 days of sitting in silence.

Nisarg teachingExperiential Human Design – Loving & Living Your Design
with Nisarg B. Nikiel
17 – 24 May 2020
Corfu, Greece

The Woman Experience
with Nadine Ruiter & many more..
17 – 23 May
Corfu, Greece

LYD Guide Training
with Nisarg B. Nikiel
17 – 24 May 2020
Corfu, Greece

Satori with GangaSatori
with Ganga
24-30 May
Bulgarian Mountains

Myofascial Energetic Release – “Inspiration” Balancing The Breath
with Satyarti D. Peloquin
25 – 30 May
Corfu, Greece

Attachment, Trauma & Sexuality
Healing of Body & Mind

with Vasumati Hancock
28 May – 1 June 2020
Aumm Institute, The Netherlands (check out English flag for PDF file)

Sexuality Free From Guilt
with Prem Agostino
28 May – 2 June 2020
Tuscany, Italy
Having a good relation with our body and with our sex is fundamental in order to feel rooted in life.

painting by Wilhelm ReichBaltic Tantra Festival
with 25 world-renouned teachers
28 – 31 May 2020
Ratnieki, Latvia
Meditation, Dance, Celebration. Music and Living from the heart.

The Tao of True Success
with Siddho & Anurag
29 May – 2 June
Osho Miasto (Tuscany), Italy
A life-transforming spiritual journey.

June 2020

GangaUnique & Complete Women: Sisterhood
with Ganga
4-8 June
Black Sea, Bulgaria
Contact: Ganga Vergie

Tantra Essence Festival
with Ma Ananda Sarita & Friends
21 – 27 June, 2020
Arillas, Corfu, Greece
Follow Ma Ananda Sarita on Facebook or visit

Kohrogi san and ChampakaAncient Japanese Wisdom Retreat
with Kohrogi san and Champaka
29 June – 2 July 2020
South of France

July 2020

Leela and DivakarOsho Mystic Rose Group & Training
with Leela and Divakar
1 – 21 July 2020
Karakaya Retreat, Bodrum, Turkey
Dive into this extraordinary and unique three-week-process created by the Indian Mystic Osho in 1988; many thousands have participated and continue to participate in this life-changing and healing experience.

Osho Festival of Music & Meditation Portugal
2 – 8 July 2020
Pomar da Serra, S.Teotonio, Portugal

Training: Attachment patterns and trauma attachment constellations 2020
with Siddho, Anurag, Arpita,
3 July – 8 July
Osho Miasto (Tuscany),  Italy
How to create adult love relationships.

Tantra Mantra
with Deva Premal, Miten, Rafia & Manose
5 – 10 July
Corfu, Greece

Path of Love Holiday Retreat / The Dimentions of Love
with Rafia Morgan & Turiya Hanover
14 – 18 July
Corfu, Greece

Voice and Silence
with Chandra
20 – 26 July 2020
Elontuli, Finland

Mystic Rose
with Amar and Sananda
25 July – 5 August 2020
Shangri La OMC — Lažany 49, 364 52 Žlutice, CZ

August 2020

A Journey to the Roots of Love
with Siddho & Anurag
4 – 10 August 2020
Osho Miasto (Tuscany),  Italy
Relationships and Creativity in the light of the inner male and inner female.

Tantralife Training Part 1
with Radha
7 – 16 August 2020
Tuscany, Italy
If you can master your sexual energy, you can master your life.

Nada Brahma
Sacred Exploration of Sound

with Manose
9 – 11 August 2020
Gayatri Mandir, Corfu, Greece
a 3-day magical retreat .
For more info write to:

Creativity and InnocenceCreativity and Innocence – Meera Painting Course
A workshop for adults, children & teenagers
with Sahaja, Ojas and Svagito
19 – 21 August 2020   Read report from 2019 on Osho News

Empowered: OSHO Women’s Liberation
with Ma Prem Upchara
24 – 29 August
Corfu, Greece

photo by SudheerFlow of Love
with Nirvan & Liuvia
31 August – 5 September
Corfu, Greece

September 2020

Myofascial Energetic Release – “Fluid Body” Joint Realase & Joint Mobilization
with Satyarti D. Peloquin
6 – 12 September
Corfu, Greece

Tantra Life TrainingTantra Teacher Training 4
with Ma Ananda Sarita & Dharmaraj
13 – 26 September
Corfu, Greece

Osho Woman’s Liberation
with Siddho & Kovida
19 – 26 September
Osho Miasto, Tuscany, Italy
A deep and powerful process to explore the feminine and masculine energy.

October 2020

Rave ABC
with Nisarg B. Nikiel
October 2020
Corfu, Greece

Nisarg with chart and studentsRave ABC Teacher Training
with Nisarg B. Nikiel
October 2020
Corfu, Greece

Deva Premal and Miten with Manose and the Temple Band World Tour 2020
Celebrating 30 years together
8 October 2020
Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany

Osho Family Constellation Training 2020 – 2021 – in 3 Modules
with Siddho & Anurag
13 – 18 October
Le Torracce, Assisi, Italy
Heals our roots and helps us find the right place in the world.

November 2020

The Love Keys
6 November 2020
Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany
Tears of joy. Goosebumps. Warmth of heart. When mantras sound through the voices and music of the Love Keys, wide spaces open up.

December 2020

Mantra Concert with Satyaa & Pari
9 December 2020
Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany
The focus of their music is to touch and open the heart for love. Love for God, love for the divine, love for Life and Happiness.

Yoga and the shapes of water
with Siddho & Ojas
11 – 13 December
Osho Miasto (Tuscany), Italy
Flexible and connected to the source of life.


Satori with GangaAwareness Intensive Training
with Ganga & Jivan
Three Modules of 7 days each
April, September 2021+ April 2022
Contact: Ganga

Osho smiling14 Days Satori
with Ganga & Avikal
9-23 October2021
Corfu, Greece
Contact: Ganga or Pramod

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