Osho A-Z – From Absolute to Zero

The Book Series
The Book: An Introduction to the Teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
The story of this compilation of quotes

Absolute: Nobody Has the Absolute Truth

Acceptance: Tathata Means Saying ‘Yes’ Totally

Addiction: Addiction is not always bad

Aggressive: Is it not aggressive to try to change the world to save it?

Ah! – “Ah, this cake is delicious.”

Aloneness: Rejoicing in Your Own Aloneness

Aloneness: We are born alone, we die alone

Androgyny: A new concept: Androgyny

Anger: If anger rages within…

Anger: It is difficult to change anger directly

Anguish: Unless man becomes blissful…

Anxiety: Man is anxiety

Art: To be a painter, you have to drop the ego

Art, Authentic: Forget the technique for twelve years

Asleep: Man is asleep – man lives in a deep slumber

Availability: Be more and more available to all aspects of religiousness

Awareness: Become More Alert

Bliss: Blissfulness is our birthright

Bliss: Bliss has no opposite

Breath: When in sexual love, watch your breath

Breath: The rising and falling of your breath: that is the way of looking within

Breath: Breathing is life

Buddha: Buddha’s Invisible Rebellion

Buddhahood: To be responsible means to be mindful

Burning: I am against the dead ruling the living

Cancer: Cancer can exist only in a certain neurotic state of mind

Celebration: My whole teaching is celebration

Children: They have come just now from God’s home

Children: Never be untrue to children

Commune: The whole world can be transformed into a Buddhafield

Creativity: Creativity is the fragrance of the creator

Dancing: Dance is one of the deepest meditations possible

Death: Fear of Death

Death: Death is not the enemy

Depression: Life is based on polarity

Education: Real Education

Education: Education Is not Meant for Teaching Discipline

Education: Help Them to Be More Creative

Education: Stuffing everybody with ideas

Fear: Fear is only the absence of love

Food: The first love is food

Freedom: Freedom is the very law of life…

From Sexuality to Love: From sexuality to love

Full Moon: Full-Moon Best for Meditation

Gratefulness: Accept All that Life Brings with Gratitude

Happiness: There are no outside causes of happiness

Heart: Move from the head to the heart

Humour: Humour is Health

Hypnosis: Hypnosis – to awaken you

Hypocrisy: I am a hypocrite. What should I do?

India: The Atmosphere of the Real India

Intuition: A person living trough intuition is always happy

Laughter: When You Laugh Mind Disappears

Laughter: Total Laughter: A Rare Phenomenon

Listening: The Art of Listening

Listening: Give all your attention to listening

Listening: Listening means hearing without mind

Listening: I speak to stop your mind functioning

Love: Love has nothing to do with somebody else

Love: “I love you,” means danger

Midwife: A master is just a midwife

Money: Why am I always thinking of money?

Music: Music Comes Closest to Meditation

Nadabrahma: Watch from the outside and be alert like a flame

Nature: You are part of nature

Play: Energy Enjoys itself Playing

Prana: Prana: the most fundamental unit is energy

Religion: Life is an inquiry

Responsibility: To be responsible means to be alert, conscious

Sannyas: Sannyas changes your whole vision of reality

Sannyas Name: A Name Is Only a Label

Surrender: A moment’s reverence is enough

Tantra: Tantra is the natural way to God

Tantra: Before You Make Love, Meditate

Tears: Tears of Delight

Terrorism: Terrorism Is in Your Unconscious

Trees: We exist with the trees

Trust: Trust is a mystery

War: We Have to Destroy all Gods of War

White Marble Rocks at Jabalpur: This World Is not to Be Renounced

Woman: The Age of the Woman

Work: Work to the Optimum

Zen Masters: Eighty-four thousand doors open

Excerpts and most images compiled by Neelamber