Osho: Intimate Glimpses

from his last personal secretary, Anando

Osho: Intimate Glimpses
from Osho’s last words:
“Anando will be my medium.”

In this series of poignant memories and anecdotes, Anando offers a glimpse into the private life of the twentieth century mystic, Osho, through her unique perspective as one of his caretakers and secretaries in the last years of his life.

These stories, never before shared publicly, show another side of the man described by The Times (London) as “one of the makers of the twentieth century.”

Anando reveals the sense of humor and fearlessness with which he navigated the controversies that hounded him in his later years, as well as the immense compassion and love with which he worked on those closest to him.

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About the Author

Anando is one of the women in the ASHA Foundation, UK, list of 240 “influential, inspiring women from all walks of life and from around the world who are outstanding in their fields.” A former attorney and businesswoman, she quit her lucrative and successful worldly careers in the mid 70’s and travelled overland to India, where she met Osho. Intending to stay at his ashram for just 2 weeks, she stayed 30 years. Along the way she became his personal secretary, one of his caretakers, and an original member of his Inner Circle.

She remained in his Pune, India, Commune for a further 15 years after Osho left the body. She then moved to Italy and later near Byron Bay, Australia, where she continues to lead self-discovery workshops, record guided meditations and write.



The Day Osho Left the Body (19 January 1990)
A first-hand account of the day of Osho’s death

Osho’s Final Words

Becoming Part of Osho’s Personal Household

How Anando became Osho’s personal secretary, and later his caretaker. Tells the story of how she travelled overland to India in the seventies to meet Osho and become a sannyasin.

Personal Experiences With Osho
Reveals the unique and personal ways Osho worked as a master, showing Anando her unconscious and personality habits and patterns. Also includes beautiful intimate stories showing the humour and compassion of Osho.

Other Glimpses of Osho’s Private Life
Focuses on the last four years of Osho’s life, covering his personal lifestyle and interests.

Osho in America (June 1981-November 1985)
Tells the story of what happened in America during the four years Osho lived there, including the Rolls Royce controversy, Sheela’s illegal acts, and Osho’s poisoning by the US government.

Touring the World with Osho
Covers the year Osho toured the world after he was deported from the US, where he was hounded from country to country by the US through Interpol.

The Last Period: the Return to India and Pune Two
Chronicles Osho’s return to India and continual harassment by government bodies, as well as his ideas for the continuation of his work after he left the body. Includes information about the secretive Inner Circle and the Presidium.

Osho’s Biography

Anando with Osho in walkway

anando with Osho in the garden

Anando with Osho in Greece

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