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Hindu Nectar: Spiritual Wanderings in India

An ancient call - a cinematic journey directed by Damini (Akanksha Joshi), produced by the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Diplomacy; music by Prem Chinmaya (Dunster).

Songs for the Golden Age

Paul Terrell reviews Ravi's latest album.

‘We Are’ by Ravi

...from his latest album 'Songs for the Golden Age'.

Dance Your Way to God

A song by Chinmaya Dunster where the lyrics are all titles from books by Osho.

Sohum by Manish

Manish Vyas shares with us a track from his latest CD ‘Shivoham’ and tells us the story behind it.

‘Shivoham’ by Manish

Samasati reviews Manish Vyas’ latest CD.

‘At The Edge’

Chinmaya Dunster's first rock single on video!


...left his body on 9th March 2014.

Memoirs of a Hippie Girl in India

Chinmaya's reviews Ann BeCoy's book.

Lovers Night by Shastro

Reviewed by Chinmaya Dunster

‘Rebellious Flower’ – the Movie

Sageer Kimani interviews Jagdish Bharti on his movie project inspired by Osho's early life.

Avani receives Award from Dalai Lama

Another award for Rashmi Bharti and Rajnish Jain - article by Chinmaya.

Meditation Ragas

Sona's review of Chinmaya's latest CD.

Music, Family Life and … Osho

Marga's interview with musician Chinmaya Dunster.

Earth Anthem

Damini shares this peace chant from her new film, 'Hindu Wanderings in Sacred India', and her insight about the recent dramatic events in Uttarakhand.

The Mystics

Review of Aubrey Menen’s book portraying Indian mystics, published in 1974.

CC (aka Christ Chaitanya)

... left his body on 26th March 2013, around 4am.

So Is Music for Free Now?

A wake-up call from musician and composer Chinmaya Dunster: buy the music you want to hear.

Mystic Poets

A track from Chinmaya and Sandeep Srivastav's latest musical project 'Mystic Poets'.

Señor Death

Death Ceremonial Master Anubuddha's stories for beloved Mangala.

More adventures in Bengal

Part 2 of Chinmaya's adventures as a family member in Bengal

Avani: NGO in the Himalayas

Vote for Avani to win an award for a grant to further the new pine needle gasification project - article by Chinmaya Dunster.

Kali Puja and other Adventures in Bengal

Part 1: Kali Puja - From a Bengal Diary by Chinmaya Dunster from 1986


A fable that came to Chinmaya in 1991 during the Mystic Rose silent sitting in the Lao Tsu walkway at the Meditation Resort in Pune


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In Search of the Essence of Life

Sarita’s extraordinary childhood takes her single-pointedly to India and then to Osho

Viha Connection: For Our Community at Large

Avinasho and Dhanyam at Viha Connection connecting our worldwide community since 1986

Jivan Mary has departed to the further shore

Jivan Mary left her body on Nov 15, 2010, in her home in New Zealand

Green Ragas concert in New Delhi

Chinmaya's multimedia awareness-raising concerts in New Delhi in occasion of the Commonwealth Games 2010

Kalyan Mitto: Tightrope Walker with a Cello

Swiss-Canadian multi-intrumentalist Kalyan Mitto shares his insights and love for music on a summer day in Corfu.


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