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What is the Meaning of Tantra Returning from the West?

Jivan Kavyo's introduction to the many Tantra workshops run in India by Westerners.


…left his body on 14th October 2016.

Life is a Mystery to be Lived

The mind can affect the condition of the body, just as the condition of the body can affect the mind, writes Keerti in the Deccan Chronicle on October 10, 2016.

The Trump Apology and an Assessment

Arjuna comments on the apology: Leave it alone Hillary, or be prepared to have your abuse and your husband’s abuse of women exposed.

How India’s Changing Kitchens Have ‘Modernised’ Food Habits

From the BBC series ‘India on a Plate’ – a look at India's home kitchens by Amita Baviskar, published on July 25, 2016.

Osho Festival on the Azov Sea

Subhuti writes from Russia...

Cultivate Compassion!

It energises you and makes you fearless, writes Pratiksha Apurv on Speaking Tree, New Delhi, India, on August 26, 2016.

Meet the Queen of Listening to the Body

...and yes, she is a vegan too, writes Veet about Navanita. Published on Veet's Cuisine, July 20, 2016.

The Power of Orange

Teertha first saw Osho when he gave a discourse in Bombay, in 1967; after a meditation camp he takes sannyas and is confronted with his wife's reluctance to accept his wearing [...]

The Anthropocene, the epoch shaped by man

Article 38: What if Earth, as a system, is operating now in a quantifiably new state, because of the profound changes humans are making to Earth’s natural systems?

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Premananda and Prabodhi are experienced hypnosis trainers. We asked them about their successful internationally conducted hypnosis work.

Boxing Should be Banned

Osho states that entertainments should be a raising of our consciousness.

Osho – The Solution for the Multiple Threats to Mankind

A seminar on Osho, arranged by Swami Ageh Bharti, was held at the prestigious Shahid Smarak Bhavan in Jabalpur, India, on May 1, 2016.

Violence is the Religion of America

Osho, it has been said that violence is as American as apple pie. Why is the United States - a country that prides itself as a land of freedom - such a violent place? Is there a [...]

When the Ocean Dissolves into the Drop

Kaiyum reviews Avikal's new book.

Dead Man Carries On Laughing

Mutribo writes about the life of Premda Lowson, the actor, performer and contemporary storyteller who lives on the south coast of NSW, Australia, with his wife, Jan.

Drifting from Divinity

Keerti speaks about man's alienation from nature and god. Published in The Asian Age on April 24, 2016.

Poems in a Landscape

Manfredo's stoneart from Dreamwoods (Selva di Sogno) in our online Art Gallery.


Prem Geet explores stillpower vs. willpower

Visiting the Motherland

Bhagawati writes: At times India hauntingly calls to come again and stay for a while...

Curing with Sound

What if we could improve the health and happiness of millions of people around the world? Dr. Neal Kassell and author John Grisham talk about Focused Ultrasound on TEDx [...]

In Praise of Poetry

Priya Huffman's thoughts on a not-much-talked-about subject.

Why Silence Is So Good For Your Brain

In a loud and distracting world, finding pockets of stillness can benefit your brain and body. Here are four science-backed reasons why, writes Carolyn Gregoire in The Huffington [...]

Amrito (Jan Foudraine)

...left his body on 27th February 2016.

Go Beyond the World of Images

Keerti explores how our image of ourselves becomes fixed through comments by others and how the ego thrives on this. Published in Asian Age, India, on January 21, 2016.

Our Wars in 2 Minutes

Tom Bennet created a video to show that war is beyond human understanding. The timeline is WWI to ISIS; however, because of the 2 minute time-limit, not every single war is [...]

of Bone and Breath

Madhuri reviews Priya Huffman's recently published poetry book.

The Waiting Room

A man walks into a doctor's practice and sees that the waiting room is packed.

Remain Aloof of Praise or Criticism Alike

Beloved Master, why is it that nobody likes to be criticized, and yet everybody loves to criticize others?

Anant Jesse

...left his body on 16th December 2015

Feelings and Emotions

In this three-part series, Kaiyum clarifies widespread confusion about the difference between feelings and emotions. Part 1: Providing the essential answer about the part played [...]

Cooler Sex

Puja introduces her latest book for young adults to help them come to terms with sex.

2nd Nataraj Dance Festival in Delhi

Pankhuri shares her experience of last year's Festival and invites everybody to this year's.

From Sneeze to Superconsciousness

Madhuri reminds us of a mini-meditation we heard from Osho.

16 Colouring Books That Are Perfect For Grown-Ups

Colouring books for adults are literally flying off the shelves in bookshops and online bookstores - and there's a wide range to choose from.

Sudheer from France

...left his body on 16th October 2015.

Marriage According To The Bible

Bible believers are beside themselves about the prospect that marriage norms and laws are changing, says Valeri Tarico at Raw Story.

Faces of Faith: Ancient ways inspire healing arts

A report by Rob Brill, published in Times Union, a newspaper serving New York's capital region of Albany, Schenectady and Troy, USA, on August 21, 2015

Sahas (update 3)

...left his body on 29th August 2015.

Not the Retiring Type

Meet the workers with no plans to clock off. Published in The Guardian on August 1, 2015.

The Prophecies of Mitar Tarabich

Prophecies from 1945 to 2100.

Osho, Mischievous Mystic?

Devageet recalls the circumstances in Rajneeshpuram when Osho began to speak while on the dental chair.

100+ Coconut Oil Uses

Because of its many health benefits – among them boosting the immune system and metabolism – nowadays coconut oil is being used by many more people and not only in South Asia [...]

2. My Time Was Over Long Ago

Osho speaks on 11 books, among them Notes of the Disciples of Bodhidharma and In Search of the Miraculous.

Enjoying the Italian Drama

Navyo's sightseeing the Museo and Certosa di San Martino, Castel Sant'Elmo on Vomero Hill in Naples.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

Ready for Spring Cleaning? Tips from Daya.


A poem by Madhuri

Power and Freedom to Women!

Kul Bhushan reflects on celebrating the yearly UN International Women’s Day on March 8th.