Mahadevi Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing – Trauma Healing
with Mahadevi

Somatic Experiencing is a powerful, yet gentle, method for trauma healing via the mind-body connection.

Traumatic symptoms arise when energy from a past experience has not been cleared from the body and remains trapped in the nervous system, preventing us from being fully alive.

The approached is by gently guiding clients to develop an increased ability to accept difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions.


  • Releases traumatic shock and transforms wounds of emotional and physical trauma
  • Restores ability to function with resilience and ease
  • Supports well-being while restoring the connection to ourselves and others
  • Discharges blocked energy

Traumas may result from a variety of causes such as:

  • Loss
  • Illness, high fevers, accidents, isolation
  • Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, including abandonment
  • Witnessing violence
  • Certain medical and dental procedures, surgery
  • Accidents
  • Conflicts
  • Neglect

Sessions via Zoom or Skype with video. You will need to be in a quiet room, preferably sitting on a chair.

It is recommended to have a few sessions for better results. However, already from the first session you will feel re-connected to yourself and gain a deeper sense of well-being.

Available for a free 15-min introduction.

+30 697 167 6028 (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram)


I had few sessions with Mahadevi and they helped me in my personal healing process that I have devoted myself to in the last few years. The reason why these sessions were healing is that I felt very much at ease and understood in her space. I felt that it was safe to go deeper. It is unexplainably important for I did not know what feelings and emotions would come out during the sessions. And a lot did come to the surface to be witnessed. Sometimes we need someone next to us to witness our pain that was not seen nor recognised at the time it was felt. To feel we are there and matter. I’m very grateful Mahadevi provided me with this unconditionally loving space for that.

I have been suffering from depression, anxiety and sleeping problems (chronic nightmares) for more than 40 years. I had sessions with Mahadevi for a few years in person and now I have sessions with her via Zoom. I’m very happy about the process that is happening. Every session is soft and deep and more and more healing is happening. I feel seen and I feel heard. I started to write down my experiences after the session, so that I can recall the shift that usually happens from deep fear to my valuable resources of my inner being. I am very confident that healing is happening at an exponential level and soon I will be able to live my full potential. Her approach to therapy is of high quality!

After only one session with Mahadevi, the difference was significant – so so much better. She really held the space as I went through a whole range of emotions including almost fainting as we moved old old energy. Couldn’t recommend more.

Somatic Experiencing is to reconnect with the body and emotions and coming down and feeling home again in the body. For me it is an amazing relaxation space. Especially because of Mahadevi’s softness; for me she is divine softness, such a sweetheart and an amazing beauty in her work. She is very caring and touching. I’m grateful to Mahadevi. Thank you.