Short reviews by Madhuri of books by authors: Burton Silver and Heather Busch, Pico Iyer, Celia Imrie, Joseph Wambaugh, Marina Chapman, Bernie Chowdhury, Joe Tusker

A review by Madhuri of Alan Lew’s book, subtitled The Spiritual Path of a Zen Rabbi; “I enjoyed the book a lot, and I feel it’s valuable for opening our minds and letting in a bit of wonder and a lot of grounded feeling.”

Madhuri’s short reviews on books by: Jon Ronson, Myriam Sagan, Isabella Bird, High Lasgarn, Catherine Cookson, Caitlin Moran, Claude Saks, Stan Jones, Ayya Khema, Thurston Clarke, Helena Merriman

A presentation by the author, Bhakta A. Lorenz, of her collection of short stories, with three reviews: “It’s a great read. On a subject that we all, sooner or later, get to deal with. ‘A Drop of Death’ dares us to think about the inevitable with humour, contemplation, humility, wonder, and courage.”

“There are no concepts that can depict it, and, above all, there is no entity separated from the presence that experiences it. I’m not there.” An excerpt from Avikal’s book, Who is in? Beyond Self-image.

Short notes on a pile of books read recently. Authors: Adeline Yen Mah, Wendy Burden, Peter Nichols, Jojo Moyes, Jamie James, Tessa Hainsworth, Dr Amanda Brown, Betsy Whyte, Sara Pascoe, Dean Nicholson, Edward Chisholm

Madhuri’s review of Bhante Walpola Piyananda’s book. “An enormously genial Buddhist rant… peppered with anecdotes from the author’s life as a monk, teacher, Abbott, chaplain, and Chief Sangha Nayaka Thera of the USA.”

Sudhir reviews Pratibha Castle’s poetry book, launched today, 9 November 2023. “These poems resonate because they describe life as it is. They give a sense of how the eternal can slip into the world of time, of how, if one looks even in the midst of the mundane, there is magic.”

Life in the Amsterdam Red Light District, told by “a young British woman, a newly-qualified nursery nurse who was lured by an advertisement to work in a crèche.” The reflective review by Madhuri concludes with “If Yin was honoured, meditation would become possible for humans.”

“Ma Yoga Neelam’s book `Being At Home’ sheds light on how police and PMC tried their best to keep the spiritual guru out of the city after he was deported from USA in 1987,” writes Vinita Deshmukh in PuneMirror on Janurary 21, 2023.