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Chinmaya remembers events he escaped unharmed from danger, and learned from them what trust means.

‘Dearly Beloved’

A review by Chinmaya on Yousuf Tilly's book, subtitled '30 Days in the Osho Ashram, Discovering the Soul of a Spiritual Enterprise'.

“Just stay right with it!”

From Chinmaya's diary entries (1989) about playing for Osho in Pune. (Part 2 of 2)

Playing the sarod for Osho

From Chinmaya's diary entries (1989) about playing for Osho in Pune. (Part 1 of 2). "Like any tribe, ours shares gossip and news quickly it seems, because out of the blue I find [...]

‘Bulleh Says’

Chinmaya Dunster shares a song he wrote recently - lyrics are a free translation of Bulleh Shah's poem, 'Bulleh ki jaana main kaun?'

A meeting by the bamboos

Chinmaya and Shastro improvise on Rag Bhairagi while meeting in New Zealand (video).

Pune, 13 February 2010

Chinmaya remembers the bombing of the German Bakery in Pune, India, a popular meeting point of sannyasins, and his Jhuni Benefit Concert that happened at the same time.

‘Yoga On Sacred Ground’

On the occasion of the release of its digital version, Chinmaya remembers his musician friends and the events that led to the creation of this album.


Chinmaya reviews Shastro's latest album.

Kids and Parents Meditation Camp at Oshodham

Chinmaya's impressions from a camp: "As a sannyasin parent I recommend the experience very highly."

Artists of the Heart

A track, part of an online album by Chinmaya Dunster, 'Sat-Sang: Chinmaya Dunster's Songs'

Sun Within

Chinmaya Dunster reviews Karunesh's latest album.

Voyaging on the ‘Good Ship’ Sarod

Chimaya Dunster's sailing log (1979-2016)

Travelling in India B.S. (Before Sarod)

An extract from a diary by Chinmaya Dunster, dated 1979.

Rarities – rare and unreleased recordings 1990-2015

Sangit Om reviews Chinmaya Dunster's latest album.

‘Intimacy’ from Rarities

Listen to track 9 of Chinmaya Dunster's newly released album.

Healing Ragas III

Chinmaya Dunster reviews Manish Vyas' latest album (released today!)

The Great Day

In 1988, Chinmaya (Dunster) had a Utopian vision -

Nanda Devi by Hans Christian

Chinmaya Dunster reviews New Earth Record's latest release.

Into Being by Praful

Chinmaya Dunster reviews Praful's latest album.

Zen Moments

Chinmaya reviews Shastro and Raphaƫl Pinel's newly released CD.

Hindu Nectar: Spiritual Wanderings in India

An ancient call - a cinematic journey directed by Damini (Akanksha Joshi), produced by the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Diplomacy; music by Prem Chinmaya (Dunster).

Dance Your Way to God

A song by Chinmaya Dunster where the lyrics are all titles from books by Osho.

‘At The Edge’

Chinmaya Dunster's first rock single on video!

Memoirs of a Hippie Girl in India

Chinmaya's reviews Ann BeCoy's book.

Lovers Night by Shastro

Reviewed by Chinmaya Dunster

Avani receives Award from Dalai Lama

Another award for Rashmi Bharti and Rajnish Jain - article by Chinmaya.

Meditation Ragas

Sona's review of Chinmaya's latest CD.

Music, Family Life and … Osho

Marga's interview with musician Chinmaya Dunster.

So Is Music for Free Now?

A wake-up call from musician and composer Chinmaya Dunster: buy the music you want to hear.

Mystic Poets

A track from Chinmaya and Sandeep Srivastav's latest musical project 'Mystic Poets'.

More adventures in Bengal

Part 2 of Chinmaya's adventures as a family member in Bengal

Avani: NGO in the Himalayas

Vote for Avani to win an award for a grant to further the new pine needle gasification project - article by Chinmaya Dunster.

Gaia’s Garden by Chinmaya Dunster

Chinmaya Dunster's most recent CD out with New Earth Records

Kali Puja and other Adventures in Bengal

Part 1: Kali Puja - From a Bengal Diary by Chinmaya Dunster from 1986


A fable that came to Chinmaya in 1991 during the Mystic Rose silent sitting in the Lao Tsu walkway at the Meditation Resort in Pune

Green Ragas concert in New Delhi

Chinmaya's multimedia awareness-raising concerts in New Delhi in occasion of the Commonwealth Games 2010

Green Ragas by Chinmaya

Review of Chinmaya's awareness-raising event at the British Council in New Delhi earlier this year. Link to videos...