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Second Chance

The penny dropped for Punya with a song!

The New Kid on the Block

Sandesh shares his feelings of becoming part of a community and of taking courage to move from the known to the unknown

Adri: From Soldier to Meditator

Veena tells the story of how Adri left Israel to study in the USA, how he found his way to Pune and his life as a cook in Osho's communes

The Gurdjieff Movements in the World of Osho

Punya interviews Jivan during one of his international Intensives in Corfu

Corfu Buddha Hall Trust

A trust has been formed to look after our beautiful Buddha Hall in Corfu

Corfu Buddhafield – Off Season

A potluck dinner at Francis Villa after the Saturday evening meditation in the Corfu Buddha Hall, end November 2010.

Kalyan Mitto: Tightrope Walker with a Cello

Swiss-Canadian multi-intrumentalist Kalyan Mitto shares his insights and love for music on a summer day in Corfu.

Corfu Buddha Hall

Interview with Vasanti who built the Buddha Hall in Magoulades near Arillas, on the Ionian island Corfu (Kerkyra).