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Our whole approach… is destructive

"This whole life is geared around wrong things. Money is more important than meditation," says Osho, answering a disciple's question.

Restore balance of nature

Chaitanya Keerti in The Asian Age and the Deccan Chronicle, November 21, 2016

Every Planet Has To Die One Day

Prem Gaffar, a new sannyasin, says: "I've started to stand off and observe things and it looks as if... people are destroying themselves... The world is destroying itself."

“My dear Earthling, how many Earths do you see rising?”

Article 45: Last call of our astronomer - and of the international scientific consensus as well - this time about the shocking effects of (over-)population and (over-)consumption [...]

We are All a Connected Whole

Life is an organic unity. If there is only giving and no receiving, to whom are you going to give?

One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green

A single buddha can make the whole world afire with a new consciousness and a new humanity.

You, Me and the Planet

Shastro ponders on ecology and the state of our planet.

Ecoside Is Suicide

Chapter contributed by Rashid Maxwell to the recently published book, 'Ecolibrium Now'...

A Brotherhood Towards All That Is

Deva means divine, bandhu means brother.

Open Letter to PM Manmohan Singh

Amareesh calls upon the Indian PM to protect natural ecosystems and end the use of coal.

The Atmosphere’s Lament by Suvarna

A song written in the voice of the Earth's atmosphere about how he's feeling ill, what's wrong with him, and that he'd like to improve his relationship with humanity.