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Men are the weaker sex today

Grahi takes a look at who is really stronger – man or woman.

What is cancer?

Grahi presents an in-depth look at what causes cancer, why it is so widespread and lists remedies and treatments in detail.

Better off without a doctor?

Grahi wrote this essay as a reminder to keep challenging and questioning the assumptions of most people.

Why I Don’t Use Sunscreen

Now that the Northern hemisphere moves into summer mode, do brush up on what Grahi has to say about sunscreen.

Your Posture Can Change Your Life

Grahi writes about the immense importance of maintaining good posture throughout your life.

Olive Oil for Health and Beauty

Use it inside out, says Grahi, and backs up his many fantastic tips with meticulous research.

Honey and Cinnamon: Traditional Cure

Grahi recommends honey and cinnamon as a traditional cure for a variety of ailments and a boost for the immune system.

Natural, Unrefined Salt Best Source of Minerals

Grahi shows how to benefit from an ancient and traditional condiment that has loads of minerals and has been used for thousands of years.

Take Breaks for Mental Performance

Grahi on taking breaks during work to improve focus.

Humming is Good for You

Grahi encourages active humming to support well-being - of course besides the important non-activity, silence.

Sugar and Fiat Currencies have a Lot in Common

Grahi shows the connections between sugar and money.

Getting Old When You Shouldn’t Be?

Grahi explains the importance of iodine in our bodies as one of many remedies to combat aging.

Lies, Deceit, Falsification

Grahi lines out what the law allows pharmaceutical drug manufacturers to do.

Does Your Job Let you Be Creative?

"Live longer with a creative, satisfying job," says a research project - article by Grahi.

Weight Gain, Fat, Overweight, Obesity

Grahi's useful research on these subjects, in particular on sugar addiction...

Which Sugar Makes You Fat?

It's fructose, says Jivan Grahi (David Niven Miller)

Youthful and Healthy At Any Age

Bhagawati meets Grahi and writes about his approach to health. The secret is to grow youthful!

Homemade Mayonnaise

A delicious homemade mayonnaise bursting with nutrients

Zucchini Cakes

Zucchini cakes provide a nutritious light meal

Grow Youthful by Jivan Grahi

Review of Jivan Grahi's book presenting a practical guide to slowing your ageing