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Eye of the Storm

Our experience of social reality is becoming progressively intense... When we are being in the moment, we begin to calm our inner storm, states Iam Saums.


Humanity’s way of life has become lethal to itself and nature, writes Iam Saums. He also insists that we are not victims of our circumstances but have extraordinary opportunities [...]

A source of energy

As essay by Iam Saums; "Energy is not produced from what we do, it is created by who we are. Energy is our soul's currency."

The Ass and the Elephant

Iam Saums writes about the illusion of choice, reality and fear, ultimately resulting in manipulation and the totalitarian approach.

This Just In!

Iam Saums on the overwhelming power of the media - and a reminder to claim our own power and distinguish ourselves from societal fear, prejudice, propaganda and vanity.

Cult of Spirituality

Spirituality is an expression of our ego, writes Iam Saums.

The Lie We Live

En essay by Iam Saums.

Music in the Key of Soul

A critical look at contemporary music by Iam Saums.