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Scenery Meditation

Madhuri shares a meditation we can do while we are on a walk.

American Animals

Madhuri's review of Bart Layton's 2018 docudrama: "I won't tell you what happens in the end - but the film is worth watching."

I Will Live in a Small Hovel

A poem by Madhuri.

Podcasts: Madhuri, Pratiksha Apurv

Swaram interviewed Madhuri and Pratiksha Apurv, two well-know writers on Osho News, on the subjects of poetry and art, how objects can connect with Osho and how Osho's words can be [...]

Evening Walk, Late September

A poem by Madhuri.

Useful Jobs for Poets

A poem by Madhuri.

At Dimitri’s Restaurant

A poem by Madhuri.

Molly’s Game

A film review my Madhuri: "An entertaining diversion into a life you don’t want to live. Well-crafted, suspenseful, but most of all cautionary..."


Madhuri reviews Alexander Payne's 2017 film, played by Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Hong Chau and Christoph Waltz.

A serendipity of healing books

Madhuri reviews five books: A Change of Heart, Healing Spirits, Healing Spirits, Eyes of an Angel, A. T. Still.

When I was a man

Madhuri's adventures while impersonating men to understand and discover their power. She also describes the meditation called Hara Burn. "I enjoyed myself so very much, to feel so [...]

The wind and the wizard

A poem by Madhuri.

When People Walk

A poem by Madhuri.

Flying Clothes

A romantic event - with an insight - in Madhuri's life.

Happy monsters – how they happened

Madhuri's playful greeting cards and small paintings; "I can do everything as imperfectly as naturally it arises in me! Because it is utterly imperfect! Edges are not straight!"

Zen Pearls: Creativity Inspired by Osho

A review by Madhuri of Shunyo Mahom's book with his artwork and Osho quotes.

Warm Planet

A fable by Madhuri. "When we look out from our open houses into the forest, the brightest of birds have come back to us; and our labours are gentle, and enough to feed us; but we [...]

Searching for Peace in Poona

Journals, sketches and paintings of Cyril Mount and paintings and poems of Madhuri Z K Ewing, exhibited at ArtsMill, Hebden Bridge, UK, from 11 June till 9 July 2017.

Hidden Figures

Madhuri reviews a film that came out in January this year; the story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of [...]

From Whinge to Wings

Madhuri experiences a change in energy after she stopped complaining and being "so whiny and sad and forlorn and exhausted and unashamed to gasp and groan and be miserable..."

Bubblegumland Vignette

Madhuri remembers the jobs she found after leaving Rajneespuram, among others impersonating Madonna.

Anandipa Took Sannyas Today

A poem by Madhuri.

The Poona Poems

Prartho reviews Madhuri’s poetic memoir: "In these poems ... we are invited guests to an improbable and luscious feast in the Garden of the Master."


A poem from Madhuri's newly-published book, The Poona Poems.


...left her body on 21st January 2017.

He is with me

A poem by Madhuri - dedicated to Osho.

A Beautiful Christmas Card

Beloved Master, I am seventy now, but still the sexual urge is there. What should I do?

We Thought We Loved

A poem by Madhuri

A Colourful Dessert of Flowers

Madhuri introduces her new book.

The Airplane Game

When Madhuri quit the game...

From Art to Zen

Madhuri reviews Nirguna's art book.

Winter Festival at Osho Leela 2015

Snippets from Madhuri's journal.

Ballad of the Christmas Flood

A ballad by Madhuri about recent events in the UK.

of Bone and Breath

Madhuri reviews Priya Huffman's recently published poetry book.

Three Lyrical Years So Far, in Hebden Bridge

Madhuri is certainly not retiring either...

Trailer Park People

Madhuri reviews Drea Knufken and Sundro Lewis's new photo book.

From Sneeze to Superconsciousness

Madhuri reminds us of a mini-meditation we heard from Osho.

Three Years Ago

A song by Madhuri on video, filmed by Piers Cross.

Sensitivity is Your Birthright

Madhuri answers the question if we need psychic protection.

Twirling on Top of His Flame

Madhuri remembers dancing and whirling during a music group darshan in Pune.

The Waterfall

Punya and Madhuri share their memories of Tamo-san.

Siddhena’s Book ‘Regardless’

Madhuri reviews Siddhena's book with paintings and poetry.


Madhuri's letter to 'a many few', written in 1977.

On the Edge by Punya

Madhuri reviews Punya's recently released book about living with Osho.


A poem by Madhuri

Sitting on the Roof

Madhuri on leaving her beloved....