Osho Int. Meditation Resort

Osho Resort

In these times of social isolation due to coronavirus, my mind travels to India, where I once lived swathed in its jasmine perfume, writes Florencia Varas in pressenza.com, Chile. Published on 29 June 2020.

A review by Chinmaya on Yousuf Tilly’s book, subtitled ’30 Days in the Osho Ashram, Discovering the Soul of a Spiritual Enterprise’.


Financial Chronicle’s Michael Gonsalves spent two days inside the secretive Osho Commune in Pune where the godman once stayed to bring a story of devotion, intrigue and a death shrouded in mystery, Published on mydigitalfc.com on July 1, 2018.

After various articles and comments that were rather confusing and often misleading, we have found the posting of the article below to be transparent and unbiased, giving a better overview about which steps were taken with regard to the property transfer in Koregaon Park, a property that used to be called Sanai.