House in mountains

“Just say something and it happens. You just say to the mind, ‘Enough – now you be the servant, because you are the servant.’ And, I say, it is just that simple.”

Virgo mandala by Deva Padma

This month’s horoscope by Phoebe with quotes by Osho; “Start living as if you are not and immediately you will feel a tremendous relief because the burden, the tension, the anxiety of being simply becomes irrelevant.”

Giving birth

Osho speaks on ‘Midwife’; “I can help, I can protect, I can guide, that’s all. The actual phenomenon, the transformation, is going to happen to you.”

Osho Darshan Feat (35)

During a group darshan, Anand Deva, a physicist from Canada, speaks to Osho about his experiences in the group with astral projection.

kneeling in front of Buddha

“Reaction is out of the past. If you react, out of old habits, out of mind, then you are not responding. To be responsive is to be totally alive in this moment, here-now.”

Beloved Osho, It seems that masters have always been betrayed by their chief disciple. The same has happened to you, with those to whom you have given so much love and attention, and on whom you have worked so hard.


“Whenever knowledge is not needed, put it aside and drown yourself into a state of not knowing – which is also a state of knowing, real knowing.” (Ah This! Ch 1, part 3)

Osho with towel on Devageet's book cover

Chapter 16 from Devageet’s book, Osho: The First Buddha in the Dental Chair, where he recalls Osho saying that our teeth contain memories back to the beginning of evolution.