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Have a little courage

A day with Chintan in an encounter group, in late 70's Poona.

The Poona Poems

Prartho reviews Madhuri’s poetic memoir: "In these poems ... we are invited guests to an improbable and luscious feast in the Garden of the Master."

Journey to Utopia

Broadcast by Italian TV RAI in 1972, this rare footage shows Osho conducting a meditation camp and records his reply to a question by journalist Giovanni Costa (with English [...]

Are We Becoming an ‘Old Boys Club’?

An open letter from Sajjad.

On MG Road

A slideshow of photos by Allan taken in the late 70s in Pune.

Osho Initiates Terence Stamp into Sannyas

Terence Stamp took Sannyas on 16 November 1976. The following is his darshan with Osho.

CC (aka Christ Chaitanya)

... left his body on 26th March 2013, around 4am.

From California ‘back’ to Poona

After enjoying California and the American dream, Bodhena joins Osho back in Poona...

Journey to the Heart: Music Group 1979

Enjoy and tune into all that incredible energy, the river of love and marvelous long hair flying all over!

I Was Seeing Him in My Dreams

Ma Prem Divya (aka Zulma Reino) recalls the years spent with Osho.

The Last Mango in Poona

Part 10 of Bodhena's 'Samsara'

Baksheesh and a Peg Leg

Bodhena's story continues: politicians, knives, journalists and a broken leg

My Geography Thesis

Part 6: Bodhena's scientific and humorous evaluation of the population at the Poona ashram in 1978/79

Drink it, Drink it All!

Part 1: Muni's adventures while taking photographs of Osho in Pune 1 and in Crete

No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’

Bodhena's story continues: girls, kids, groups and leaving darshan with the master

Taking Sannyas

Bodhena takes sannyas and comments with humour on the going-ons in the ashram of those days

What’s Cooking?

Part 3: Bodhena arrives in Poona in 1977 and enrolls for his first groups

Sex, Gender and New Religious Movements

Roshani is looking for personal anecdotes and stories about experiences around sex and gender roles in the Osho communes

How I Got Fired

Madhuri's adventures while working, worshipping and playing in the Buddhafield

A Ride More Fly

Madhuri is invited by Osho for a drive in his Rolls in New Jersey and for a dance during a line-up in Jesus Grove on the Ranch

Giving Osho a Chance

Sarvaan tells us how he made his first steps into the Osho Meditation Resort and that fateful signs and destined encounters are just around every corner