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‘Indian Rope Trick’

Madhuri's review of the new poetry book by Prartho.

A poem: Indian Rope Trick

The 'title' poem of Prartho Sereno's newly released book, 'Indian Rope Trick'.

For the Drifters

A poem by Prartho.


A poem by Prartho.

Come for the Singing

Poet Prartho sings one of her lyrics.

What the dark does

A poem by Prartho.

The Question Song

Poet Prartho sings one of her songs.

Music of the Spheres (Flying Home)

Prartho recites one of her poems.

Elephant Raga by Prartho

Madhuri reviews Prartho's new, award-winning poetry book.

Tending the Roots in a STEM-Crazed World

Prartho's essay on poetry and creativity in education - and the capability of amazement.