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Remembering Laxmi

Several friends share moments with Laxmi.

The Reiki Concert

Sergio Taza's wonderful piano-playing comes to the fore in this album. A review by Punya.

‘Strength through Meditation’

An article published in the German weekly Stern on August 31, 2017, commented on by Punya.

That Haunting Sound

Flutist Manose answers questions at a gathering during the Gayatri Festival on Corfu in July 2016. "When I was eight, one night I heard a sound come from Boudhanath, the stupa [...]

Summer festival: colourful drive-by

Subodhi's photographs taken during the 1984 World Festival in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.

Reiki on Fire

Author and Reiki Master Frank Arjava Petter talks to Punya about the impact his books have had in the Reiki world.

Not everybody is as courageous as Satyananda

As a tribute for Satyananda, a few excerpts from Punya’s book On the Edge related to him.

Poi Dancing for Fun and Centering

Punya meets Savitri and gets a taste of Poi dancing.

Gayatri Fund for Nepal support ongoing relief and rebuilding efforts after last year's earthquakes.

Narendra with his Orange Tibetan Hat

Punya remembers working as a bus driver in Rajneeshpuram.

Satori Process combined with Creative Expression

Ganga talks to Punya about her passion.

To Be Available, That’s the Way to Go

Punya remembers the times when, together with Gayatri, she was running the Osho Meditation Centre in Geneva.

Retreats on the Riviera Maya

Shaida talks to Punya about her new business that organises events and meditation retreats in Tulum, Mexico, and further afield.

Meditating in Berlin is Cool

Punya visits the Osho Studio and meets Krisana and Ali.

Berlin Impressions

Notes from Punya's visit to the German capital.

Ozen Cocom Mexico: Creating a Paradise

Dhyanraj talks about the new project of Ozen Swami Rajneesh.

Aesthetic and Creative Eco-Design

Samudra's life as an eco-designer and environmental activist.

Crystals of Light

Sampatti talks to Punya about the inspiration and her ability to create energised crystals.

Flower Essences for the New Man

Sambhavya, creator of the Buddhafield Flower Essences, talks to Punya.

The Waterfall

Punya and Madhuri share their memories of Tamo-san.

On the Edge by Punya

Madhuri reviews Punya's recently released book about living with Osho.

An Unusual Trio

An excerpt from Punya's just published book, On the Edge.

“Nivedano, Beat the Drum!”

Nivedano talks to Punya about his life as a gardener and musician in Osho's communes.

In the Groove

Teerth talks to Punya about rhythm, drumming and playing for Osho.

Crystal Chakra Healing

Punya and Daya review the latest release by New Earth Records.

Mantra Love

Nitya and Ninad share their story about Mantra singing.

Doing, Doing, Doing

Five lines from Punya

Essence Work

Punya interviews Avikal about his work

Osho in the Press

Punya remembers the impact of Osho and his communes in the press.

A Street Cat Named Bob

Punya reviews a bestseller by James Bowen

The Pomodoro Spiel

Punya on a work technique she has been using recently.

Sing, Narayani, Sing!

Singer Narayani tells Punya about her life with music...

Athens: Not Just a Stopover

Punya discovers the beautiful Greek capital and a special meditation centre.

Oshoba & The Italian Osho Times

The tight-rope dance to bring Osho into the Italian consciousness...

Still Singing After All these Years!

Punya meets Peter Makena (Anubhava) and Aneeta

Oh My Lord, You Are the Fire…

Punya remembers the Music Groups in Buddha Hall

‘Mystica Organicum’ by Sanjiva

A review of Sanjiva's recent CD.

Swim with Dolphins in Bimini

A day at WildQuest on video!

This Is Reiki

A review on Arjava Petter's latest book - by Punya.

Mystic Poets

A track from Chinmaya and Sandeep Srivastav's latest musical project 'Mystic Poets'.

In the Girls’ Room with Big Prem

from Punya's memories in Saswad...

Computers, Music and Meditation

Punya interviews Anadi, creator of SoundsOrange...

Second Chance

The penny dropped for Punya with a song!

Solar Energy: CD by Upavas

Upavas' first interpretation of ambient down tempo electronic music.

Reiki DVD by Tanmaya

An inspirational DVD by world-acclaimed author Tanmaya Honervogt in German language

Amplifying Vibrations for Healing

BioResonance: Haridas explains the workings of a treatment with the Mora machine.

Osho’s Rolls in the US Press

Punya remembers filing hundreds of press clippings with the photos of Osho's Rolls Royces

The New Kid on the Block

Sandesh shares his feelings of becoming part of a community and of taking courage to move from the known to the unknown

The Gita Furore

A court case in Russia against the Bhagvad Gita has been turned down on 28th Dec 2011

Money Money Money – Makes the World Go Round

Rajen's thoughts about money and it's value, 'asking the right questions' and 'working while drinking coffee'