Abheeru and Divya wanted to know from Punya how she came to take sannyas and how Osho News came into being (zoom video). The article includes an excerpt from Bhagawati’s book, Past the Point of No Return

Insights by Upchara on “Not knowing” (the “Boh?” for an Italian child) and the question “Why?” – with a short intro by Punya.

Ponderings by Punya with plenty of input from Madhuri; “Let the original inspiration that led you to write your book carry you through the inevitable labour pains of producing it.”

Upchara talks to Punya about the Women’s Liberation Group, a process she ran first in Pune, then in Italy and South America. She is now bringing it to Spain and Greece.

Punya’s interview with Nisarg continues on the subject of Human Design: why it is important to experience one’s chart and not only receive information about it; about the Strategy of the type called Generator; about Emotional and Spleenic Authority.

Punya interviews Nisarg on her favourite subject: Human Design. Part one is about finding our own inner authority to become more relaxed and centred.

Part two of chapter ‘In the West’: Shivananda is court-martialled when he shows up for the mandatory annual Swiss army service dressed in orange and wearing the mala.