Osho Quoted

Satya Paul

A few designers decode Satya Paul’s legacy and influence in fashion, writes Anjuly Mathai in The Week, published in the January 24, 2021 edition.

Inner Journey part of painting by Pratiksha Apurv

“A fine balance between the material and spiritual worlds is needed,” writes Pratiksha Apurv. Published in Times of India and Speaking Tree on December 26, 2020.

Britney Speers

Via Instagram, Britney confronted online abusers who commented negatively about posting three images of herself wearing the same outfit. Published on Republicworld on April 15, 2020.

When asked what he thinks of the “positive thinking” movement, Osho believes that it’s doing more harm than good. Why? Because it means we’re denying reality and being dishonest to ourselves. Sott.net quotes Osho at length, on May 12, 2017.

There are no others

Language is a great tool that offers many fascinating possibilities beyond simple daily communication. Here, Kaiyum’s playful way with words.

We like this quote because it reminds us of the many jobs we came to do in the commune without prior knowledge, in particular in Rajneeshpuram, where we learned our skills ‘on the job’. Richard Branson is a British business man and investor, best known as the founder of the Virgin Group (airline, music, space

dance your way to god banner by kul bhushan

Kusum Kanojia writes in The Deccan Herald (New Delhi, India) on March 26, 2012 about one of our contributors – Kul Bhushan’s writings and calligraphy, which he also shares through workshops called ‘Meditiative Calligraphy’.