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Osho Chair in Gujarat Now Officially Established

Satya Vedant sent us an update about the Osho Chair at the V.N.S.G South Gujarat University in Surat, India.

Osho Chair in Gujarat Soon to be Officially Established

An update by Satya Vedant in regard of the establishing of an Osho Chair at South Gujarat University in Surat, India.

Inner Ecology: The Only Way to Building a Healthy Humanity

Full transcript of Satya Vedant's speech at the International Medical Conference and Health Festival in Poland on April 16, 2016 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Proposal for an Osho Chair in Gujarat

After visiting GTU at the University of California a few weeks ago, Satya Vedant reports about another proposal for an Osho Chair at the South Gujarat University, India.

Osho Chair Proposed in California

Satya Vedant sent an update about the progress for having an Osho Chair at GTU, affiliated to the University of California, Berkeley.

The Hindus: An Alternative History

Satya Vedant reflects on Wendy Doniger’s Book on India and Hinduism.

Being Osho

Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi) was recently interviewed by Osho News about his compilation of excerpts entitled 'Being Osho - Rare Pearls from OSHO Darshan Diaries'.

Moral, Immoral, Amoral

Open letter by Satya Vedant.

Launch for ‘The Fabric of Life’ in Dallas

Meditators, seekers and friends gathered to celebrate the book release of Satya Vedant's translation of Osho's Hindi discourses 'The Fabric of Life' in the USA near the end of his [...]

The Fabric of Life

Review of Osho’s discourses on the songs of Kabir - translated by Satya Vedant from Hindi.

Eighty Four Hours of Wakefulness

Satya Vedant tells us the story of a journey from New York on a bus full of 'Share-a-Home' people

An Osho Chair

Proposals for an Osho Chair has been presented at two Gujarati universities and a report about the National Seminar on Osho in Jabalpur

Lonely Americans Must Learn About Aloneness

Satya Vedant finds out that ‘Living-together-loneliness’ (LTL) is suffered by 10-20 million American

Osho: The Luminous Rebel – Story of a Maverick Mystic

An immensely readable and impeccably researched biography by Satya Vedant with well-placed Osho quotes expanding the narrative.