Swaram writes about the fourth, the silent stage in Osho’s Dynamic Meditation, the benefits of silence in our busy world and how silence can be easily reached through this meditation technique.

Sneha reviews the recently released documentary about Thich Nhat Hanh and his Plum Village located near Bordeaux in southwest France, the first monastic community founded by him in the West.

Joshua Krause calls upon humanity to break free and stop being slaves to technology. Published by ZenGardner.com on April 23, 2016.

Nivedano… (Drumbeat) (Gibberish) Nivedano… (Drumbeat) Be silent, close your eyes. Feel your body to be frozen. Gather your consciousness inwards, deeper and deeper…. This silence, this peace, this blissfulness discovers the buddha within you. For these few moments you are a buddha and it is up to you, if you can remember – then you

A sannyasin says: With people I am not very close to, it’s easy to make conversation. But with people I am closer to, there is nothing to say. And I don’t feel very comfortable with it. It is as though something is missing.

Nivedano … (Drumbeat) (Gibberish) Nivedano … (Drumbeat) Be silent … Close your eyes … No movement of the body. Let your whole consciousness gather inwards. Deeper and deeper … You are entering into your buddhahood. Without any fear go in, it is your own home. Except knowing this, all knowledge is useless. Except experiencing this