In this insightful podcast with Bhavi and Prem from Kannagara Journeys, Svagito explores topics ranging from the conflict in Israel and Palestine to the complexities of identification and family bonds.

Last summer, Rachel Klingner participated in a Primal Painting workshop at Osho Miasto in Tuscany, facilitated by Kantu Nishigori and Svagito. Published in Femme Review on October 1, 2023. Next workshop will be again at Osho Miasto, 24–27 August 2024

In the first part of Svagito’s recollections, we followed him and Meera on their adventure in South Africa up to the fatal dive. In this part Svagito tells of the many decisions he had to make to take care of her body.

Svagito on the events that lead to Meera’s leaving her body (Part 1 of 3): “Nothing warned me of any danger. Everything happened suddenly and unexpectedly.”