Insights by Amrita Suha. “A sweet joyful old age is mischievously stinging the top of my mouth and is patiently leading me to continue to explore the world within and without with an attentive and amused gaze!”

Photographs by Surendra taken last year, some as late as November and December. “After a number of warm, sunny days, the bright reds, oranges and golds suddenly appeared. The leaves slowly reached their peak around the middle of the month and some were still glowing beautifully in December.”

Madhuri reviews a book by Raynor Winn; “Excellent writing by a first-time author; and a tale very close to the bone. Highly recommended!”

In Part 1 of 3, Veena embarks on a journey to the ancient city of Dunhuang to find the origin of Osho’s often-used phrase: the ten thousand buddhas. These stories will be part of her next book, ‘Farewell to Song Mountain’ which she is currently writing.

An item crossed off on Priya’s bucket list: a journey to the Sahara; “I suspect that sometimes just doing something that is compelling becomes as important as the thing you were actually drawn to do.”