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Podcasts: Devanshu and Vandana

Swaram’s interviews: Devanshu on ancient Tibetan and Taoist practices, and Vandana on meditation and how to deal with alcohol addiction.


Vandana describes her experience watching the new documentary, ‘Mountain’ shown in concert as a collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and filmmaker Jennifer [...]

A Farewell

by Vandana to her friend Anutosh (1944 - 2016).

Deva Gayaka

...left his body 6th October 2007 - a tribute by Vandana.

St. Tropez Film Festival 2015

Vandana travels with Pankaja to St. Tropez for the International Film Festival 2015.

Ruth T

Vandana on recent news of well-known women's suicides.

A Wonderful Life as a Failure and Dropout

Vandana recalls 32 years since Pune 1...

Gypsy Heart

Vandana's review of Ashik's new CD.

Flowers of Silence by Deuter

In his latest CD Chaitanya Hari is "sharing a piece of his soul." Review by Vandana.

Cosmetic Surgery – Why Not?

Vandana tells us about the effects and impact of cosmetic surgery she recently had done.

Seven Years Working in the Buddhafield – by a Pune 1 Leftover

Vandana recalls how she became an editor of Osho's books and then moved on to become an actress in the Theater Group

Marching Orders

Vandana shares what Osho taught her about relationships