“The future of humanity will go closer and closer to the approach of Zen, because the meeting of the East and West is possible only through something like Zen, which is earthly and yet unearthly.” (Ah This! Ch 1, part 1)

“If you believe in God, you can believe in a witch, it is the same package. If you can believe in one kind of nonsense, you can believe in all kinds of nonsense,” states Osho. From our series 1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti.

Zen Walking – this meditation was recently held for the first time at Oshodham, Delhi, with enthusiastic participants. Kul Bhushan reports about their experiences.

Kaiyum reviews this very insightful and inspiring real-life book by Janwillem van de Wetering; “The numerous Zen stories are a delightful reminder of the clarity and simplicity of this approach to enlightenment and spiritual freedom.”

The very aptly named Empty Mind Films company produces most unusual films showing a variety of methods from India, Tibet, China and Japan – from ayurveda to acupuncture, from martial arts to meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, yoga and Zen. Here an excerpt from a film on Zen: