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And just when you think you’ve got enough gadgets, here the latest invention!

Google recently announced its cooperation with Levi’s to design wearable technology that will have people make phone calls or send text messages by simply swiping their clothes. The secret? Clothing such as jeans, sweaters and jackets can be turned into an interactive device by weaving conductive threads into the fabric which is stretchable and washable. The material can be woven into any shape, size or pattern.

Aptly named Project Jacquard, the technology will also be capable of sending data wirelessly to smartphones and other devices, opening up an array of new types of applications, aside from the most basic communication commands. It will be able to understand various gestures such as crossing your legs or swiping your sleeve with your fingers.

“It becomes a home to new forms and applications we haven’t thought of yet. The potential is that the input is the gesture – crossing your legs, swiping, saving, lifting,” Vice President of Innovation for Levi’s said, while Grant Hughes, who founded the software development company Focus Motion went on to explain that the interactive fabric would even be capable of notifying its wearer if they were gaining weight and be ready to suggest gyms, yoga classes and offer other health-related tips.

Instead of seeing people maniacally thumbing their phones, we shall soon see them twitching and swiping and contorting their bodies. I wonder if somebody has thought about the EMF exposure people would be susceptible to. Way to go…

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Article by Bhagawati

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