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Pretty Woman and Consequences

An excerpt from Madhuri's soon-to-be-launched book, 'Mistakes on the Path'.

ADHD and uniqueness

Every incarnation is wide open to total fulfilment in whatever form it can be experienced, and this is what every child’s caretaker must be aware of, writes Bhagawati.

Osho’s slow withdrawal

Urmila realizes that she has moved from the head to the heart and is now ready to take sannyas - from Savita's book 'Dinner with Osho'.

Gibberish lessons: practicals first

Tarpan recalls events in his childhood and in his working years as an engineer, when he did the Gibberish meditation for the first time at the Osho Meditation Resort.

One for all

Iam Saums states, "The universe, our soul, intuition, heart, mind and body are all essential aspects of our existence. Our consciousness emanates from the entirety of our being."

Just solitary souls travelling across the Universe

Another excerpt from Steve Small’s book, ‘Mind the Gap’; his question to Osho is read in discourse, Primal group and lessons taken on from the therapists.

Obedience and surrender

Final part of 'In the West': Shivananda continues his storytelling while Punya asks the questions.

The March Event that shook up London in 1981

Kul Bhushan writes about the time when sannyasins took over the London Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street for a weekend of song and dance, meditations and exhibitions.

Living in consciousness

Purushottama emphasizes that in order for the transformation of consciousness to take place, we have to look directly at the mind. It is not enough to know about meditation; we [...]

A Sannyasin’s point of view

An interview with Devakrishna published in 'Wild Wild Sheela' by Roberta Lippi, researcher and presenter of SOLI, the recently released interviews of sannyasin children on [...]

Partner Painting

An excerpt from Meera's book, 'Dancing into the Unknown' where she explains a healing technique: painting with a partner - illustrated by a video from a workshop.

“Just stay right with it!”

From Chinmaya's diary entries (1989) about playing for Osho in Pune. (Part 2 of 2)

Freedom and responsibility

From Savita's book 'Dinner with Osho': a story told by Shobhana about learning to appreciate what is beautiful in life.

Music Group in the bunker

Part three of 'In the West': Shivananda makes the best out his compulsory three weeks in the Swiss military service.

Intimate Relationships

In this essay, Marc explores the meanings of intimate relationships people find themselves in and adds Osho's insight to all relationships but in particular, the ultimate intimacy [...]

One love will change this world

Nirvan writes, "When you learn to love yourself, you will naturally love everyone."

Bangkok: Wat Hua Lamphong

In part 2 of his explorations, Surendra describes his visit to Wat Hua Lamphong, a Royal Buddhist temple, third class, in the Bang Rak District of Bangkok.

Broken bones and broken trust

Nirav tells a story as it happened a few years ago in Goa, a traumatic experience that went deep and that he never really managed to deal with. As the 'me too' movement started, [...]

Space wars

Bhagawati writes about the implications of the race to Moon and Mars undertaken by the USA, Russia and China, and shows Osho's incredible insight into the status quo.

In the Swiss Army

Part two of chapter 'In the West': Shivananda is court-martialled when he shows up for the mandatory annual Swiss army service dressed in orange and wearing the mala.

Playing the sarod for Osho

From Chinmaya's diary entries (1989) about playing for Osho in Pune. (Part 1 of 2). "Like any tribe, ours shares gossip and news quickly it seems, because out of the blue I find [...]

The Bhakti Garden of Osho Upaban

Closer to heaven at the gateway to the Annapurna Range, Osho Upaban’s Bhakti Park in Nepal is a very special place that honors Osho and his early disciples, writes Deva Dosa.

Flight of Fancy

Shobhana remembers an event while travelling with Osho; excerpted from Savita's book, 'Dinner with Osho: Intimate Tales of Two Women on the Path of Meditation'.

“Go there and make money…”

Part one of Shivananda's next selection of short stories, 'In the West': here he talks about returning to Switzerland to find a job as Osho had told him to do.

Rajgir: meditation camp and sightseeing tour

Ageh Bharti travelled from Jabalpur to Rajgir in South Bihar, where an Osho Meditation Camp was held from January 6th to 9th, 2019.

Bangkok: Microcosm of a city

In part 1 of his Bangkok explorations, Surendra focuses on the contrasts in parts of the city that he and Amrapali recently visited, with stunning photographs highlighting his keen [...]

Why Osho today

Swaram recollects Osho's life and writes about what Osho means to him; the eternal call of awakening.

Yesterday, I was almost ready to leave

Excerpt from 'The Cosmic Madhouse'; Satyananda has moved into the ashram to write his book and embarks with other sannyasins to Bombay for a media conference to neutralize the [...]

Path of Love Retreat

Indra writes about participating in the retreat held in Italy, saying it is the ultimate invitation to dive deep and grow.

How to walk out of a rotten past

Chetna's thoughts about her transition between a life based on old habits, well in line with that of her friends, to a new, alcohol-free life filled with Osho's meditations.

A Zen stick – Thank you Meera!

Second part of chapter 5 from Modita's new book, 'Depression'. She writes about Failing and Inferiority, her experience with the Schema Therapy, and the Art Therapy Training with [...]

The Great Pilgrimage: from Here to Here (3)

The last part of Shanti's essay: How long is that road from the man we are to the man we can be, from our present state to our potential as a human being and as mankind?

My resolutions for the New Year

Kul Bhushan takes a look at overwhelming New Year's resolutions.

On greed and natural needs

Bhagawati writes on the importance of recognizing one’s true needs and to clearly see how society creates smokescreens and fuels false material needs to continue to enslave the [...]

Astrology with Osho

Our new astrologer - starting with January 2019 - introduces her monthly horoscope with reference to what Osho says about the subject.

Blissful experiments in the Samadhi tank

In chapter 31 (Samadhi Tank) of ‘Blessed Moments with Osho’, Laherubhai writes about his experiments in the flotation tank and includes an excerpt from a discourse where Osho [...]

Experiment mimicking volcanic eruption in attempt to reverse ‘global warming’ or is that ‘climate change’?

Latest news about a planned scientific experiment in geoengineering by Harvard researchers, is yet another shocking example of how far scientists will got to test their 'ideas' on [...]

Corporations implement meditation

Prachi describes one of the several meditation classes she conducts with corporate staff throughout India.

The best birthday gift: our ego

Our ego is an iceberg, only one-tenth is visible. To confront it, dissolve it and offer it as our gift to Osho for his birthday on 11 December is the best gift for him and us, [...]

In the flow and in the fire

An insider's account of an encounter group, with an unexpected transformation through processes that would appear horrifying when watched from the outside - by Shivananda.

It is his eyes that fascinate me from the first moment

Excerpt from 'The Cosmic Madhouse'. It is 1977; Jörg Andrees Elten and Jay Ullal from 'Stern' magazine arrived in Poona the day before and met with Arup in the ashram. She invited [...]

Even death is preferable to losing one’s soul

Ageh Bharti recalls the time when he was suspended from work as a Locomotive Pilot with Indian Railways, facing charges for causing a derailment.

The Watchmaker

An essay by Marc about the oldest questions asked by mankind: who created the universe, why was the world created, is there a design?

The Great Pilgrimage: from Here to Here (2)

The second part of three of Shanti's essay: How long is that road from the man we are to the man we can be, from our present state to our potential as a human being and as mankind?

The Turning Point in my Depression

The first part of chapter 5 from Modita's newly released book, 'Depression: A Stepping Stone Towards Bliss', talks about Schema Therapy, Social Isolation, and Entanglement.

Why I’m wearing Osho’s mala

Swaram from Love Osho writes that for him Osho's mala is a device to fuel the inner flame of his awareness.

A visit to Japan

Shantidharm and Deepa sent us captioned photographs of their visit to Japan: Osaka, Kyoto, Lake Biwa, Nagahama, Arashiyama, Fushimi-inari, Uji.

From the Master’s bookshelf: ‘The Soul of a Tree’

An essay by Nirbija and Bhagawati. While Nirbija read Osho speaking about a Zen carpenter asking a tree if it wants to become a table, he remembered his woodworking beginnings and [...]

A Life of Zen: Ikkyū, the Crazy Cloud

In his third essay on Zen, by means of an exquisite tour de force and employing many poems, Surendra unveils Ikkyū’s intriguing life in simple detail and unusual format.

How I started to present malas

Karunesh on wearing the mala again and giving new names to meditators.