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‘Dearly Beloved’

A review by Chinmaya on Yousuf Tilly's book, subtitled '30 Days in the Osho Ashram, Discovering the Soul of a Spiritual Enterprise'.

Democracy is like sex: If it’s not messy, you are not doing it right!

Subhuti shows how confusion, disagreement and debate over Brexit is the sign of a healthy democracy at work.

The relentless persecution of Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s recent arrest in London, UK, is being widely reported in the media, writes Bhagawati. (The article includes a video-interview by journalist, author and [...]

A visit to Yoga Chinmaya in Goa

Keerti writes, "This is my second visit to Goa within the last two months. It is because Yoga Chinmaya, who has been living earlier in the Himalayas, has now settled here."

Sins of the Swinging Sixties

Pope Benedict blames the swinging sixties for sexual abuse and can’t seem to remember his own church’s history, writes Subhuti in this well-researched piece.

Japanese Spring: entering the wonderland of Meera’s paintings

Svagito's invitation to an Art Exhibition with Workshops in Munich, 30 May - 2 June.

OshoFest Nepal: Unfolding Osho’s vision in the Himalayas

Prapat reports from the 5-day meditation cum music retreat in Nepal, inspired by Amritanand from Osho Niranjana in California and Milarepa with his One Sky Band.

‘Circle of Love’

Pratibha presents her new album.

‘Goddess Essence Meditation’

A new album by Sarita & Praful - both their comment on this project.

Soli: Sunny alonenesses

Italian radio and TV screenwriter Roberta Lippi interviewed people who grew up with sannyasin parents or were sannyasins themselves. She stressed the fact that the title SOLI in [...]

Spring Festival in Pune

Subhuti on the recent festival at the Osho International Meditation Resort.

In Quietude: Meditative poems on soundscapes

A new album by Tanmayo, this time spoken word on soundscapes - a new adventure.

Buddha Universe

Sambodhi Prem's introduction to his newly released album: "When I made the music of Buddha Universe I was thinking of nothing… I have found over the years that if I’m in such a [...]

The Golden Future Now Project

Chetan sent a press release about a project he has initiated in the UK.

New: monthly meditation weekends near London

A heartful welcome from Nitya and the Osho Sakshi team to take part in their monthly meditation retreats.

‘Dinner with Osho’

Roshani reviews Savita's recently published book: "If you wish to partake in the intimacy with Osho afforded to early Indian sannyasins, this is the book for you."

Reshaping Sheela: the woman and the media myth

Subhuti comments on Priyanka Chopra taking on the role of Osho's former secretary, Sheela, and producing the film.

‘In the Eye of the Hurricane’

Veena reviews Devakant's recently published book: " well as being a positive antidote to the recent ugly misrepresentations in the ‘Wild Wild Country’ debacle, it is an [...]

‘4 Songs from a Well Lived Life’

New EP from Miten's unplugged solo recordings: “These four songs returned to me, totally spontaneously, like old lovers to be welcomed and embraced," he writes,

American Animals

Madhuri's review of Bart Layton's 2018 docudrama: "I won't tell you what happens in the end - but the film is worth watching."

Savita launches her new book

'Dinner with Osho' was launched on Thursday, January 18, at a celebration in the Yogi Tree Restaurant, in Koregaon Park, near the Osho Meditation Resort, writes Subhuti.

‘The Early Bird’

Punya reviews Anugraha's new album: a plunge into uplifting rhythms and joyful, playful melodies.


Presentation of a new album by Chaitanya Hari (Deuter).

Osho celebrated in schools in India

Last December, Ageh Bharti visited various schools in northern India on World Meditation Day, i.e. on Osho's Birthday.

‘To Live and to Die’

Kaiyum reviews Anjee Gitte Carlsen's recently published book, subtitled: When terminal illness enters your life.

Alaya – Songs for Earth & Sky

Raso's songs in this recently-released CD are based on meditation and arose from her life with Osho and love of the wild earth.

‘Flute Meditations’

Punya reviews Shastro's recently released album - live improvisations on bansuri, a string of jewels that takes one right inside.

Notes from Jabalpur

Ageh Bharti writes about two recent observations related to Osho and the city of Jabalpur.

Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation

We are invited by Deva Premal and Miten to welcome the New Year by chanting the Gayatri Mantra live with them, on Facebook and Instagram, from 1-7 January 2019.

Celebrating The Cosmic Madhouse

The official launch of Satyananda's book, translated by Dhiren, took place on Osho's birthday on December 11, 2018.

‘Everywhere I looked, I saw His love’

Anand Kul Bhushan reports from Osho's birthday celebration at Oshodham: "The open-air Buddha Hall became a space vehicle for a journey into inner space in total silence despite the [...]

Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

In this video, Russell Brand, widely-known firebrand (pun intended) and comedian, introduces his recently published book about overcoming addiction.

‘The Cosmic Madhouse’

Bhagawati reviews the English translation of Satyananda’s bestseller, published in German in 1979 ('Ganz entspannt im Hier und Jetzt').

‘Depression: A Stepping Stone Towards Bliss’

Lysan van Winden reviewed Modita van Zummeren's recently released book, and after an interview with the author wrote an exposé about her life as a doctor, sannyasin, therapist, [...]

Presentation of Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances in Paris

We hear from Amiyo that on 8th and 9th December she will present the Gurdjieff Movements, together with Chetan and a group of 20 dancers, in Paris and Normandy, following the [...]

Witch hunt against Julian Assange continues

The relentless hunting-down plans for WikiLeaks' publisher are again coming to a head. His ongoing persecution is widely seen as a threat for freedom of speech. But not enough is [...]

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis

Srajan reviewed this book by Leonard Leinow and Juliana Birnbaum, subtitled ‘Healing without the high’.

Wild Wild Italy

Nirbija examines the Italian response to Netflix's Wild Wild Country as reported in the latest issue of magazine Re Nudo magazine.

‘Nothing is All’

Paul Prem Nadama reviews Madhuro's recently released album - some new, some old-time beloved songs: "Congratulations to all involved. Great stuff!"

Illuminations for 2019

Padma presents her Calendar for 2019, showing artwork she did between 1998 and 2018, and reminisces about the time Osho told her to drop all ideas of sitting silently, but rather [...]

‘The Mystic and her Colours’

Anand Kul Bhushan reviews Pratiksha Apurv’s just released book and says that it is a treasure for art aficionados and spiritual seekers.

The Science of Laughter – TIME special issue

Indivar's letter to the editors commenting on the fact that they had omitted to mention Osho's Meditative Therapy, the Mystic Rose, and explains the benefit of this 3-week process.

Sequel to ‘Rebellious Flower’ planned

After the international success of the first film about Osho's childhood, Jagdish Bharti is ready to produce the second: “A sequel will be a challenge... but we are determined to [...]

The Celebration Caravan – OSHOfest USA 2018

Ambika reported from the final leg in Atlanta of Milarepa and OneSky Band's US tour, and put together a video of the event: "...such glimpses of these musical moments are difficult [...]

Bab’Aziz: The prince who contemplated his soul

Ghoshen reviews the film about a blind Sufi mystic who, guided by his young granddaughter, Ishtar, is on his way to a grand gathering of Sufis that takes place only once every 30 [...]


A review by Abhi, courtesy of Osho Viha Magazine, of Deva Premal’s newly released album (launched 12 October 2018).

Motion Pictures in Poetry

Nyay Bhushan presents his recently published photobook: "Most of the photographs in this book, celebrating the first decade of my art photography, were taken at numerous dance [...]

‘Mangalam – Auspicious’

Karin Reber's review of Manish Vyas' recently released album: "The songs fit very well into a cozy yoga class, or are a nice way to slow down after an exhausting day and to go back [...]

Mind the Gap: A Memoir of Enquiry

Andrew Maynard reviewed Steve Small's (Sudesh) memoir.

‘Ashram, ashram’

Review of Devaraj Sandberg's book by Ananda Sarita.