How social media ruins your life

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Jaron Lanier, Silicone Valley’s ‘computer philosopher’, explains why.

He is a computer scientist, composer, musician and one of the most celebrated technology writers in the world, and known for charting a humanistic approach to technology appreciation and criticism.

In this interview, Jaron Lanier talks about Facebook, YouTube, Google and how the tech and social media giants are using algorithms to record data about their users – and how internet algorithms shape how we see the world and what we are shown online.

Facebook’s fundamental design is one that…
the business model is to addict you
and then offer a channel to you
to third parties to take advantage of that
to change you in some way
without you realizing it is happening…
that’s what it does, so I don’t think
any amount of tweaking can fully heal it.
I think it needs a different business plan.

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