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Isabel Tahiti, Mariam Lebanon and Dubai

Mariam Noer

Did you know that there are sannyasins in Lebanon? Really, is there a place where there aren’t any? Mariam Nour and I have never met in person (but will soon as she is coming to Bali for a visit) but became friends and enjoy regular exchanges.

Mariam is of Armenian descent and lived for years in the US, studying macrobiotics with Michio Kushi. After taking sannyas in 1985, Mariam began introducing Osho to the Near East. She reaches millions of viewers through television shows broadcast mainly to an Arab audience, and through her books published in the Arabic language. At newtvsat she is broadcast on a daily basis in English.

Presently Mariam is visiting Dubai. She said that there are a few Osho lovers there but that she sees signs of failure in this outwardly rich country and she has a sense that the high-rise towers will be falling … “but the dawn is coming soon.”  She said Osho’s books are in every book store … “I am here not to do anything, just enjoying the shift of the few. Himalaya is coming and I look forward to meeting with him.”

When I inquired how she makes her living she said, “I am on TV every day, my web is great grace too; I have my daily bread and I breathe … do what you love and money will come. Thank you, Osho.”

IsabelA little while back Isabel came on one of her yearly visits to Bali. You will all remember her from Rajneeshpuram’s Mirdad Welcome Center, which also housed the Twinkies, as we were all known back then, conducting visitor’s tours and working with the media. She’s been living on Tahiti for more than 20 years now; after returning to university she obtained a degree in Literature, Languages and Foreign Civilizations and has become an English teacher.


EnriqueIsabel’s gorgeous 17 year-old son Enrique is a keen surfer and competes already in his teenage years, making the rounds in South-East Asia participating in surf competitions.

We enjoyed hanging out at a wonderful open-air restaurant built entirely out of bamboo at the beach and – yes, gossiped!

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