The Phoenix Chronicles


Native American-Indian No-Eyes prophecies

(First published in this magazine on 30th May 2011)

Having a very soft spot for all things native Indian-American (at least one past life spent among them too), one of my all favorite books is Phoenix Rising. The book tells of No-Eyes, a blind native American-Indian Chippewa medicine woman’s vision about the changes to come upon our planet, which she shared with Mary Summer Rain in 1984  (available at Amazon).

Mary Summer Rain’s meetings with No-Eyes were also intense learning sessions and she promised No-Eyes she would listen carefully. At that, No-Eyes patted her hand and said, “Summer need do more than listen. Summer need to remember. Summer need to be able to remember ‘nough to tell peoples ‘bout all signs here. That most important.” She was not allowed to use a notepad.

Phoenix Rising

The exchanges between them during the many meetings they had are fascinating. One particular disastrous matter our world is right now facing is radioactivity. While talking about the ‘Wailing’ period, No-Eyes said to Summer:

“…Big nuclear plants gonna get close to danger. Summer give word for that stuff.”

I thought about what she might mean by danger and I explained what a meltdown was.

“That be right word. All plants not gonna do that stuff but they gonna get close – real close.”

“In populated areas?

“Some gonna be.”

“Will these near accidents cause people to take a second look at the nuclear plants? Will they be closed down?”

She merely shook her head.

“Oh, for God’s sake? What next?” I muttered disgustedly.

She took my comment to be literal. “Next Phoenix gonna screech when other burn stuff leak out. He gonna….”

“Wait, what other burn stuff. Different radioactive material?

“Yup. This be war stuff.”

She had to mean chemical warfare materials. Or maybe highly radioactive weapons. And my first thought sped like an arrow toward the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Even though my heart raced, I tried to appear calm. “No-Eyes, you wouldn’t by any chance mean that something will happen at the Rocky Mountian Arsenal.” And I really didn’t want to hear the answer. I already knew what it was going to be.


“There’s going to be an accident?”

“Earth Mother gonna be upset. She gonna shake it bad.””

“An earthquake?”

She merely shrugged her shoulders and looked up through the dense trees.

“I have the distinct feeling that that’s for another day.”


“So, something’s going to shake the arsenal and cause a radioactive and chemical release, but you won’t say what will actually cause the shaking until another lesson.”

“Summer got stuff right here.”


“Yup. But we got one more stuff for today. Summer, there gonna be nuclear leak stuff happen, but there also gonna be two last big ones go off. They be in spots where many peoples be. They gonna get many peoples.”

My heart sank with a deafening thud. She had indeed saved the absolute worst for last. “Real meltdowns?”

And the deadly silence that followed said it all.”

According to Wikipedia, “In 1984, the Army began a systematic investigation of site contamination in accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA), commonly referred to as Superfund. In 1987, the RMA was placed on the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund sites. As provided by CERCLA, a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) was conducted to determine the extent of contamination. Since 1985, the mission at RMA has been the remediation of the site.

“The primary contaminants include organochloride pesticides, organophosphate pesticides, carbamate insecticides, organic solvents and feedstock chemicals used as raw products or intermediates in the manufacturing process (e.g., chlorinated benzenes), heavy metals, and chemical warfare material and their related breakdown products. Additionally, ordnance (including incendiary munitions) was manufactured and tested, and asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were used at RMA.”

And if the reader recalls, there have been two meltdowns so far, Chernobyl in 1986 and this year’s meltdown in Fukushima.

Shown below here are the main events No-Eyes foresaw; there are no time references because in those realms from where No-Eyes perceives, time does not exist; the events are grouped according to phoenix’s metamorphosis. All is to come to pass (many of them already have) before the phoenix rises again, which we may also call the emergence of the New Man.

Contractions: Economics Aspects
Massive blue collar strikes
Relocation of key factories overseas
Computerization of factories
Extended import/export embargos/taxations
Increased unemployment
Widespread factory shutdowns
Excessive taxation
Small business failures
Insolvency of many banks
Stock Market misdealings/decline
Drastic construction decline
Devaluation of real estate
Increase in corporate crime
Drop in level of manufactured goods
Increase of corporate monopolies/take-overs
Increase in personal bankruptcies
Widespread layoffs
Runaway credit purchases
Cash as only accepted tender

Emerging: Natural Disasters
Major devastation in California
Earthquakes in new areas
Inactive craters become unsettled
Mountains become unstable
Return of the dust bowl
Record breaking flooding
Tornados increase intensity and occasion
Liquefaction of soil beneath faults
Intensified hurricane devastation
Freak wind gusts/accidents
Soil erosion
Increase radon levels
Rock/mud slides
Insect infestation
Sink holes
Rapid temperature inversion
Frigid winters/deadly blizzards
Summer storms with intensified hail/lightning
Seeping natural gas (fires/explosions)
Underground fires
Widespread surface blazes
Major quake of the New Madrid Fault (southern Illinois or northeaster Arkansas) which may jeopardize the entire Mississippi River Valley area
Greenish hue to atmosphere – Phoenix Days
Higher pollution levels

Eyes Searching: Transportation Accidents
Plane crashes increase
Shipping disasters increase
Higher incidents of train derailments/accidents

Listening: Freak Deaths & Accidents
Amusement park disasters
Increase in homicide/suicide
Freak household accidents
Disease outbreaks
Several catastrophic propane explosions
Germ Warfare release accident

Breath Heaving: Discord Between Nations
Grave economical differences
Arms escalation
Warring altercations
Terrorism increase
Undeclared wars
Clandestine dealing between countries
High level secrecy

Wings Flexing: Spiritual Unrest and Awakening
Questioning masses
Political church actions
Government interventions
Repression from certain religious sects
Increase U.F.O. sightings
Interaction with other intelligences
Acceptance of ongoing spirit/afterlife
More religious sects going to court to force their personal restrictions on general public

Talons Tensing: Civil Unrest
Peoples’ revolt and resistance movements
Draft evasion
Public’s discovery of cover-ups
Nuclear exchange

Crouching: Massive revolts and Government Turnaround
Taxation refusals
War resistance
Policy disagreements within government body
Major upheaval within governments

Flying Free: Rise of the Age of Peace
Total equality among people
Discontinuance of all meat ingestion
Construction reforms
Cessation of most severe natural disasters
Pollution-free energy innovations by way of the earth’s magnetic field
Rise of the Indian Nation through widespread adaptation of its Ways of natural living and deep human philosophy.

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