Horoscope July 2011


Those who act playfully, feel caringly, and think generously are in tune with July’s planets

Cancer and leo

Sun 9° Cancer – 8° Leo
Moon 4° Cancer – 25° Leo
Mercury 28° Cancer – 1° Virgo
Venus 26° Pisces – 4° Leo
Mars 7° – 28° Pisces
Jupiter 5° – 9° Taurus
Saturn 11° – 12° Libra
retrograde from 11th
5° – 4° Aries
1° – 0° Pisces
6° – 5° Capricorn
5° – 4° Pisces
North node 23° Sagittarius
New Moon, 1st 8.55h GMT 9° Cancer
Full Moon, 15th 6.41h GMT 22° Capricorn
New Moon, 30th 18.41h GMT 7° Leo

Mood of the month

Those who act playfully, feel caringly, and think generously are in tune with July’s planets. At the beginning of the month there may still be occasional stumbling blocks creating traffic jams, but soon influences will push through and get the energy flowing again. While vigorous expansion on material as well as spiritual levels becomes now possible, all kinds of relationships will be under stress, particularly during the first half of the month. On the one hand, Uranus demands more space for the new, Saturn, on the other hand, still insists on a work-up of old stories and to confront our relationship patterns. The fact that they can’t be changed instantly, doesn’t make it any easier. Pluto also flexes its muscles; with it we undergo profound transformation processes in our relationships. It demands unmitigated honesty with ourselves and a letting go of ancient identifications.

The situation gradually eases during the second half of July – dicey issues become less weighty while optimism and zest prevail. Now is the time to playfully enjoy summer. At the same time our mind looks out for challenges and something to chew on. We want to examine, analyse, and understand things. Automatically, learning turns into teaching, which helps us deepen our understanding. Neptune, however, will make it clear that there’s always a larger context which will remain unknown to us.

Aries: In the beginning of July you can still give impetus, but gradually the tide turns. Restrain your impatience, let matters mature, think long-term. Several things need a new perspective. Until the end of the year much will evolve and unfold, but the explosive creative energy of recent months will calm down. All that is new needs its own time to be integrated, so that it is truly in harmony with your innermost core. Keep balancing inner and outer worlds.

Taurus: With Jupiter in your sign, your energy can be focused and expansive, but can also simply go flat all over the place – in which case you become sluggish and lethargic. In order to move beyond this, you must jump over your own shadow. Conquer new horizons through travels, new activities or new areas of interest. Use this precious time creatively, make something out of it. In the second half of July allow more depth, strive for honest answers and confront also uncomfortable situations.

Gemini: A creative July – only your expectations and dreams could produce frustration. Allow for more time, go step by step, avoid superficiality. Your actions should be based on clear decisions and consider all those involved. This will be easiest if you are aware of what you really want. Create a vision and let others know your priorities, so that they may decide whether to join up with you or choose a different path.

Cancer: Your key in the first half of the month: Letting go of expectations. Relax and do what is possible, one step at a time, without grieving about dashed hopes. Any attempt to achieve something with pressure or through manipulation is dangerous for your gentle soul; the more inflexible, the greater the risk of injury. A mature decision will have to be taken mid-July. Count on obstacles during the last week. Everything that is really new can work, but you will only get along slowly.

Leo: Until mid-July you can conceive of great projects, although the implementation will take time. Open up to what others suggest. You also have many good ideas during the second half of July, yet there are again and again inexplicable disruptions. Rely on what works. Consider whatever doesn’t work as a test of your patience, as a challenge for trying out new ways – or simply as karma. In any case accept it and make the best of it. Fighting against won’t help.

Virgo: It’s about generosity. Whenever something contracts within, take a deep breath and relax. But that‘s not enough: Once the inner tightness dissolves, imagine your head becoming lighter and lighter. And then look for something that you would like to share right here and now: a smile, time, trust, a thank you…nothing great, but don’t think twice about it, give it instantly. In this way your energy starts flowing again and the barriers between you and others may fall away.

Libra: Pluto and Uranus urge you powerfully towards transformation and liberation. Even though the time for a breakthrough has not yet come – at some point it will, and then as little as possible ought to get damaged; so create space in good time. You are still carrying too much luggage; reduce it to a minimum. July is mainly about clearing or even dissolution of family ties. Stop satisfying the needs of others; remind yourself finally of your own.

Scorpio: You find it easy to see through others. However, your own transformation may fall by the wayside. Relationships are the cremation grounds of the ego. When the own ego claims to be the manager of the cremation grounds, it is others who benefit, as their egos are left behind as purified little ash piles. Your own ego, however, is being strenghtened during the process. As there are always unknown factors, you better assume that you don’t know exactly what is happening and let yourself be surprised.

Sagittarius: Stay in the present. Actually, everthing is running fine but much slower than you would like. Your impatience is the biggest obstruction. Look at what you have instead of pushing for it to improve. Be content. Now it is about nurturing yourself mentally and physically, to value and pamper yourself. You need the tranquility of the feminine, a receptivity capable of letting things grow and develop at their own pace.

Capricorn: During early July don’t give energy to your self-doubts; they are nothing but ingrained thought patterns – don‘t follow them. You can now apply yourself to larger projects and implement them with your usual diligence and vigour. In the relationship area you tend to think in black-and-white and stubbornly hold on to positions that serve neither you, nor others, nor the relationship. Simply give in – the consequences will be much less serious than you imagine.

Aquarius: While you are open to new perspectives, in your heart of hearts you remain aloof. Your need for independence keeps you from receiving love. If you look closely within, you will discover that next to the longing for space there also is longing for loving exchange. Even an Aquarius appreciates intimacy – which may be an unfamiliar thought, but why not risk an experiment? Respect your need for freedom from others as much as your need for intimacy with others.

Pisces: In the course of this month situations will keep coming up where you can’t do much, even though you may want to. Accept everything as it is and give whatsoever you can give, but don’t promise more than you can keep. Nor try to push through your own ideas and desires. During this month be a medium for whatever wants to happen or not happen through you. And remember to keep grounding yourself in order not to fall victim to your own projections.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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