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Samarpan from Find Your Nose has produced an application to download meditation reminders on iPhones

The creative mind and heart of Samarpan, the one from Find Your Nose, has come up with another wonderful idea: an iPhone App where you can select a short meditation. For the moment it is available for iPhone 3&4, iPad and iPod Touch (if funds come in through donations it will be extended to Apps for Androids/Google Smartphones shortly).

(Music played in video is by Karunesh)

How it all started…
The First Meditation Second, “Today I am enjoying this moment” was one of the first to be sent out. The first twelve people who received it gave me a good feedback: “Wonderful, inspiring and an uplifting surprise…” This was a good start!

From the moment I began meditating, I have been fascinated by its healing and life-affirming effects. The state of meditation to me is an inexhaustible source of creativity and adventure. I am enjoying the experiments with growing awareness. Over a period of many years a specific sentence or a meditation technique would stay with me throughout the day, reminders like “Walking without a head” or “Stopping in the middle of a movement”… Wanting to always remember those blissful states of meditation but unable to devote the time for regular hours, these short phrases suited me well to keep the undercurrent of meditation alive in daily life.

Meditation Seconds
For this application I selected short meditation techniques about watching thoughts, feelings and the body in its finest form. They derive from the spiritual traditions of Tantra, Yoga and Zen – ancient wisdom that may provide deep insights. Starting point of all meditation techniques is a sharp and sensitive perception of oneself.

How does it work?
You select a card and feel the sentence of the specific Meditation Second. It may be helpful to close your eyes to feel the pointers in depth and comprehend them. They contain multi-dimensional meanings and behind the apparently simple sentences lie deeper truths that can be explored and experienced in depth.

When and Where?
You can remember the short meditation techniques at anytime – while waiting at traffic lights, while eating and walking or while in a conversation… Open yourself to what the technique conveys to you. (For people who suffer from sleep disorders, it may be advisable to forget about meditation before going to sleep, and to instead drop into blissful unconsciousness. Since the Meditation Seconds lead to alertness and vitality, they may disturb the sleep.)

For How Long?
Change the Meditation Seconds daily. You might come across one or another meditation technique that you can particularly relate to. If this is the case, experiment with this technique for three days and, if it is still easy and pleasurable, extend it to 3 months. You will discover things about yourself that you would never have imagined!

Having Fun
Meditation is an enjoyable and easy affair, thus I propose to take the Meditation Seconds lightly and playfully.

7 Life Themes
The 99 Meditation Seconds of this application are categorized into 7 life themes, each consisting of 14 text cards with short sentences for the day.

1. Being Love – Red
The 14 Meditation Seconds of “being love” support the awareness of being a loving human being. Our nature is unconditional love.

2. Being Alive – Orange
The orange Meditation Seconds are directed towards the body. Modern man has moved far away from his body into the head.

3. Sensing – Yellow
The 14 yellow Meditation Seconds are related to our sensory awareness: smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing and hearing.

4. Celebrating – Green
Celebrating yourself – these 14 green text cards encourage celebration in your daily life.

5. In the World – Turquoise
The world sometimes seems to be only pain and stress … the 14 turquoise Meditation Seconds are helpful to see and be attentive to how we create problems by ourselves – by perceiving what is beyond all problems.

6. Being Free – Blue
The 14 blue Meditation Seconds help to uncover routine behavior and to stay conscious in this moment. Being free means to be free of the restrictive personality.

7. Quantum Leap – Purple
The 14 purple-colored Meditation Seconds are the most challenging to experiment with. It needs a lot of courage to completely surrender to the unknown.

8. The Joker – Black and White
The Joker card contains a surprise – the great unknown void from which all life arises. The black nothingness of this Meditation Second invites the observer to reflect this moment as it is perceived.

Text by Samarpan, Find-Your-Nose.com International, Meditation Seconds

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