Shobhana: a journey into my inner world

Art Gallery

Shobhana displays her exquisite paintings

000-Running wild
025-Winds of change
060-Sitting around the fire
080-Silence in the forest
085 The Lake
120 Diner under the vines
130 Joyful winter
140 The bridge
150 Birth of the sphinx
160 Light birds in joyful sky
180 Swans
185 Gate to the unknown
185 There i go
200 Space in between
210 Golden door
210 Stillness in the storm

The act of creating is an exploration of myself manifested onto my canvases. Each painting is a reflection of myself but none of them are completely me. They represent a journey into my inner world, a place where my mind is set aside to be in the present.

Sometimes I paint with my eyes closed to give the most genuine form of expression which by-passes my inner critic. I am often surprised by the colors I use. Blue and green are the colors that I am drawn to, probably because I love water in all forms. From the turquoise sea to the grey Nordic rain, all inspire me to create beauty; however, I force myself to use red to express a more passionate side of myself.

World travels have been replaced by my inner journey into creativity, whether with acrylics, fabrics or watercolors, from painting to ‘taming’ rebel fabrics. This is my way to discover peace, silence and reconciliation.

You can see here the slide show of Shobhana’s patchwork…


Shobhana is a self-taught painter: from 5 years old she had pencils and watercolours in her hands… When she took sannyas in 1978, she was a therapist in Gestalt, Bioenergetic and Transactional Analysis. She has been living with (German) Mani (from RBG) for over 25 years. They now live in Mallorca where Shobhana often exhibits with her daughter Anjali.

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