Supernatural Atmosphere: Deva Premal and Miten on Tour

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The Badische Zeitung, a regional newspaper in Baden-Wuerttenberg in Germany, published on June 6, 2012 a very positive report about a recent concert given by Deva Premal, Miten and Monose.

Currently on a tour through Europe, their show already inspired thousands of listeners in Moscow, Madrid and Munich: Deva Premal and Miten are among the major stars of Indian mantra music.

Premal Badische Zeitung
Photo: Andrea Steinhart

They fascinated the public with their own great compositions combined with elements from old styles and different cultures. Together with Monose, a master player of the Nepali Bansuri flutes, and Maneesh de Moor on the keyboards, they cocooned the crowded community center Denzlingen in a magical atmosphere. For three hours and full of devotion, the musicians presented mystical sounding mantras, sometimes peppered by Western influences that sounded refreshing, lively and modern.

After a brief, almost humble welcome and Namaste, the first of Deva Premal’s mantras struck an immediate accord with the many listeners: already with the first song the musicians succeeded to bridge the distance to the public and most of them joined in the singing; they were swaying with the rhythm, prayed, or settled within themselves. The singer sang the typical Indian, Nepalese or Tibetan songs and the harmonious, contemporary arrangements of Miten with radience and full of harmony.

She accompanied Manose again and again with his various different Bansuri flutes that sounded absolutely heavenly. Sometimes one believed to be perceiving sounds of exotic birds or the quiet talking among people. Then again everybody listened reverently to the sing-song of the mantras or even joined by singing along. From the beginning, the group enthralled by their great virtuosity and musicality with which they succeeded in their own way to create a supernatural atmosphere – which was not driven away with applause in-between the songs. Just an incredible quietness indicated the end of each song; even at the end the concert, the musicians left the stage in absolute silence.

For over 20 years, Deva Premal and Miten are traveling around the world with mantras and spiritual pop. So far they have sold almost 500 000 CDs, and spiritual leaders and teachers like the Dalai Lama and Anthony Robbins are among their fans. Musically, Deva Premal and Miten come from very different worlds. Deva, German-born and trained in classical music, grew up in an environment filled with Eastern spirituality, where a mantra was chanted as a bedtime song.

At age eleven, her spiritual quest brought her to the mystic Osho, whose sannyasin she became later. She traveled to India and met British Miten in the 1990s.

Miten was born in London, spent the sixties and seventies as a singer and songwriter in the exciting world of rock ‘n’ roll, recorded with big bands, toured with Fleetwood Mac and Ry Cooder. Miten discovered Osho, left his career behind and became a member of a community of meditators.

Here he discovered a new kind of music. Since 1990, Deva and Miten are together and with their unique music they bring the extraordinary power of old mantras to the western world.
Translation by Bhagawati, Osho News
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