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… to support your body and deepen your meditation…

Basho meditation chair
Shayar of Basho Design
Basho Design meditation chair
Shayar of Basho Design at Risk
Basho Design meditation chair - detail
Praxis Wilko Iedema (Devakirti)

Danish design is renowned for its high quality, ergonomic design and attractive, economic lines. In this same tradition, sannyasins in Denmark – Shayar and his business partner Ojas – have now created the ultimate ‘meditation throne’: the Basho Zen Meditation Chair.

It is a chair that you relax into, your body optimally supported for ultimate awareness and depth of meditation. By relaxing the body in an open position, it also makes it easy to spot where the tension and blockages lie … and to place the attention there in order to aid release.

The chair has an ingenious high-tech hinge so that it both folds up flat as well as opens up easily into the perfect position. The small strangely-shaped cushion, which accompanies the chair, supports the feet in total comfort. And there is a great choice of materials and finishes.

Shayar Anand – in the photo next to the chair – is a truly Viking woodworker with skills that charm the ultimate out of the materials his hands touch. The photo is taken at Osho Risk, a meditation centre that abounds with beautiful artefacts that Shayar has made, like the meditation room with the round window.

The other photo is from bodyworker Devakirti (Wilko Iedema), one of the organisers / trainers of the Rebalancing School in Holland. After I showed him the information he immediately ordered two chairs for his studio.

John Keats’s famous words – ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’ – certainly apply here! When you own one of these ‘thrones’, your pleasure in meditating is going to sky-rocket! (company no longer active)

Text by Kaiyum, Osho News

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