Growing Harmony


Saraswati (Alessandro Rusconi) shares a track from his CD, ‘Sensations’.

In this joyful, instrumental song I play the santoor, guitar, bass and the darbuka. While leaving the traditional ways of playing the santoor aside, I followed my creative energy and found a space full of joy, a space where there is no boundary between reality and imagination. This song which is part of my latest CD Sensations inspired me to make a video ‘between reality and imagination’. Tarani and I enjoyed ourselves while creating it, playing with the beautiful scenes offered by nature in the surrounding area where we live.


Available via: CD Baby, amazon.comamazon.deiTunes and others.

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Saraswati Alessandro RusconiIn his teens, Saraswati (Alessandro Rusconi) starts to play the guitar in rock clubs; he then studies bassoon at the conservatory in Bologna and, in the early 70s, receives his sannyas name and mala from Prabudhas, the first sannyasin in Milan. He visits many countries on cruise ships playing saxophone in a band. During a stay in India he buys a santoor and soon develops his own style of playing. Saraswati lives and works as a professional musician and composer in Tuscany, Italy. Facebook fan page

“I met Prabudhas by chance. He was just back from Mumbai with five sannyas names and malas. So I took sannyas from him. I didn’t know anything about Acharya Rajneesh [how Osho was called then] but I was strongly attracted by that energy. This was the beginning of my journey towards the unknown – and the journey goes on…”

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