Reincarnation banned in China

Media Watch

A ban introduced in 2007 prohibits people in China to reincarnate without permission granted by the Chinese government.

It prohibits in particular those of Tibetan origin and specifically targets Buddhist monks. Even forms are available for the essential paperwork to apply for permission. One wonders about the rather intimate relationship the Chinese government has with existence – to have full powers from preventing a soul to reincarnate in a new body. Heaven only knows.

You probably think this is a hoax we fell for, but we found through further research several articles on the subject:
The Huffington Post (28.3.2008): China Bans Reincarnation Without Government Permission
Humans Are Free (23.2.2011): China Bans Reincarnation Without Government Permission
The Times of India (14.2.2011): New Chinese law aimed at wiping out Tibetan identity

Credit to Baul

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