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Milarepa reviews Narayani’s most recent collection of songs

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I was introduced to Narayani by Sudhananda sometime in the late 80’s when I was coordinating the music department in Osho’s Commune in Pune, India. Sudhananda had been accompanying her on guitar for one of the many variety shows that happened often in Buddha Hall. From that time on, Narayani became an integral part of the sannyas music scene, giving voice to the Commune’s collective heart.

She not only penned some of the most-loved of all the ‘Osho Songs’, but became a wonderful interpreter of other people’s love-songs to the Master. Narayani just has The Voice: one with a naturalness that invites the listener ‘in’, to participate in a song rather than be a spectator.

Many of us know Narayani’s voice from the perennial Osho song hits such as ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, ‘The Time Is Right’, and ‘Love Is The Fire’. But here she comes with a fresh, new collection of songs, some her personal favorites contributed by her many musician friends — all accompanied and produced by the talented guitarist from The Netherlands, Devapath. Narayani puts it this way in her liner notes:

“Songs created in the Buddhafield of the Indian mystic, Osho, inspired by the people who sing with me on Corfu. They are simple songs, easy to sing, and for everyone who loves to sing. They have beautiful harmonies about meditativeness and the beauty of life and existence. The beautiful guitar is played by Dutch guitarist, Devapath (Hein van Riel), a perfect balance to the singing.”

My overall impression of ‘Let Your Heart Sing’ is one of naturalness and simplicity, what Narayani alludes to in her liner notes. Her voice is clear and strong while Devapath’s guitar playing and production support the album’s mood without distracting from it. Some of the songs take me back to the high-flying celebrations of the Ranch in Oregon (‘My Heart Is Opening’) and the Osho Resort in India (‘When Your Go With The Flow’). At other times, she takes things in a more intimate direction with songs such as her beautiful adaption of Sudhananda’s ‘This Moment Is All’, one of my favorites on the album.

Another of my favorites comes towards the end of the track list, ‘From You I Receive‘. Here is Narayani at her finest, doing what she does best: singing straight from the heart, with an easy flow, so clear and effortless. I have never asked Narayani what her name means, but I can imagine one of its meanings is ‘pure and simple’ – exactly what I love most about her songs and singing.

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The CD ‘Let The Heart Sing’ can be purchased via her website: narayani.eu or downloaded from narayani.bandcamp.com

Listen to one of the tracks: From You I Receive

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NarayaniNarayani grew up in Belgium and started singing at a young age. She took sannyas and came to Pune in 1977. She lived for 5 years at the Humaniversity in the Netherlands and from 1987 onwards lived in Pune on and off for months at a time – commuting between Holland and later Munich and Pune until 2002. She played live for Osho and also ran the music for Evening Meditation, Sannyas Celebrations and Music Groups. In ’93-’94 she toured Europe and Japan with Milarepa. narayani.eu

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