You Ask about the Birds


Rashid replies to Champak’s question in the form of a poem.

The question was: “I have been listening to some older discourses and was wondering what birds were at the ashram in the ’70s and ’80s.”

You ask about the birds
That sing in Poona One

What birds?
Aren’t we all enfolded
In the speaking and the teaching
Of Bhagwan? Aren’t we deaf
To everything
That isn’t Osho’s
Ringing silence?

Ah the mind! the divagating
Looking for distraction mind

Asian Koel
Coppersmith Barbet
Coucal at Osho Teerth Park
Common Hawk Cuckoo adult
Rose-ringed Parakeet
Red whiskered Bulbul


It hears the Jungle Crows
And House Crows quarrelling
Hears a rushing by
Of Rose-ringed Parakeets
The constant Coppersmith
In counterpoint with Coucals
And the green-billed Malakoha

The mind delights to disconcert
To be beguiled with songs
Is that Red-vented Bulbul or the
Rufous-bellied Robin? Are those
Common Mynah birds or Munias?
And in the crushing heat before monsoon
The fevered Cuckoo calls
Far out!  Far out!  Far out!

The mind would rather be involved
With rickshaw drivers arguing
Or make a judgement on
The guy behind who’s snoring
Than surrender
To the ever


Poem by Rashid
Photo by Amano Samarpan ©

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