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Zen Gardner writes on August 4, 2014:

Edge of the World

What a strange world we’re living in. It’s wonderful we have other dimensional realities we’re anchored to, but this is one weird place. People around the “whirled” are being tossed about like trash on an angry sea. Everything just comes at us and there appears to be no one at the helm for humanity. Only selfish manipulators seem to be in charge on a landscape of constantly shifting values and perspectives.

It’s hard to believe how far down the tubes this world has gone with so few recognizing what is happening. Fabricated trends blend into daily behaviors so fast that foundational reality has very little effect. There’s no common standard with which to compare anything.

The effects have become the new, ever shifting normal. There’s no more fundamental understanding or sense of reason. And from there our own roots are cleverly severed and distanced into oblivion as wave after wave of disorienting manipulated madness attempt to move us from our true, centered selves.

Any Day’s News

It’s baffling to read what transpires in the news on any given day. The outrageous genocidal wars, the onslaught of Orwellian false flags, the political shenanigans, the blatant financial manipulations, the outrageous infringements on personal freedom and integrity, and the sub-human thuggish policing. How anyone can digest this informational onslaught without outrage is beyond me. That these daily events don’t move people to indignation and some form of protest or activism to sound the alarm almost completely escapes me, although I’m well aware of the mind-numbing somatic influences of the media, drugs from every direction, and mind altering electronic bombardment being pumped into humanity.

We’re living in a shifting-sliding scale of overall perspective. Nothing can be quantified and therefore challenged any longer. The newest cause is determined by the last designed effect of the engineered previous causal event – socially, politically and ultimately personally.

With shifting scales come ever shifting problems. From where do we judge anything if the rules have been changed, never mind are continually changing? And that’s the exact designed effect.

It’s Dizzying

I don’t know how many feel this way but this planet and our world seem to be tipping and swirling on an incredibly and increasingly wonky track. I follow just about every phenomenon going on and it appears that above all, this cumulative, overall effect is what seems to be determining humanity’s fate… and it’s not looking real good. Why?

Humanity is following these prescribed, easily manipulated trends, instead of listening to its heart and leading itself back to reality.

There’s no need to be swept along. As the awakened know, when you’re anchored all is ultimately fine. Nevertheless, this confusing whirlpool interference of the turnscrew matrix is still a rip current under our ships that affects us all and can be disorienting for any of us.

The overall environment for humankind is currently a very disturbing one. To keep a relatively rational viewpoint is clearly not all that easy now, whatever your orientation. We’re in the midst of shifts upon shifts that alter viewpoints and perspectives of every sort, and by the nanosecond. The major media are certainly a vehicle for conveying this shifting landscape, but there is much more than meets the eye from many sources, not just clandestine man-made electro-chemical influences, but more importantly the unseen energetic and spiritual ones.

I bring this up to identify these phenomena – for the sake of spiritual sanity and personal empowerment. You may or may not experience such intensity but many do. It’s like a strange slippage of the mind, a kind of amorphous energy pulse trying to slide your concentration somewhere else or change your frame of reference, something to that effect. It works on your spiritual concentration.

It seriously influences the world in which we live, personally and geo-politically. And we’re witnessing the results.

Our challenge is to keep our bearings even while all others are losing theirs.

Staying the Course

Detachment, or a consciously aware spiritual distancing, is a real key. When we identify with the issues and problems battering us we become subject to their influences. When we’re detached we can operate from a safe haven of truth. Truth is peaceful, while recognizing turbulence. Peace is centered apart-ness and a simple knowing of the greater reality. The turmoil of our surroundings won’t matter, our rooted understanding holds us strong.

This is of utmost importance in an extremely tumultuous world.

Staying the course has a profound individual meaning. What are we consciously aiming for? To foment more change and bring peace and harmony to humanity? To reorient our personal lives so as to contribute to the Shift and thus help dismantle the old system? Or are we ultimately digging in and following the mainstream matrix paradigm for personal security?

That really is the question. There is no standing still, or so-called neutral ground.

What are you doing? Blindly reacting to the buffeting winds of manipulated change, or responding to the true flow of spiritual revolution?

It’s an increasing challenge, and needs to be asked of each one of us.

And answered.

Let’s each do our part.

Love, Zen

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