He Is Everything


A selection of poems by Lalla, translated by Jaishree Kak (1) and Coleman Barks (2), and one of her Vakhs (songs) presented with this video by Shakeel Ur Rahman.


Impurities of my mind
were wiped away as from a mirror,
and I attained self-knowledge.
I saw Him near me –
He is everything,
and I am nothing. (1)

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Dance, Lalla, with nothing on
but air. Sing, Lalla,
wearing the sky.

Look at this glowing day! What clothes
could be so beautiful, or
more sacred? (2)

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In the midst of being lost,
I lost the sense of being lost.
After being lost,
I found myself in the worldly ocean.
Laughing and Playing,
I attained the all-pervading Self –
this philosophy became a part of me. (1)

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Enlightenment absorbs this universe of qualities.
When that merging occurs, there is nothing
but God. This is the only doctrine.

There is no word for it, no mind
to understand it with, no categories
of transcendence or non-transcendence,
no vow of silence, no mystical attitude.

There is no Shiva and no Shakti
in enlightenment, and if there is something
that remains, that whatever-it-is
is the only teaching. (2)

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Flowers, sesame seed, bowls of fresh water,
a tuft of kusa-grass, all this altar
paraphernalia is not needed
by some who take the teacher’s words in
and honestly lives them.

Full of longing in meditation,
one sinks into a joy that is free
of any impulse to act and will not
enter a human birth again. (2)

Kashmiri design

When teachings disappear,
the mantra remains.
When the mantra disappears,
consciousness remains.
When consciousness disappears,
nothing remains.
Nothingness merges with nothingness (1)

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