Osho Castle in New York

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Excerpted from a report by the New York Times on May 13, 2015.

A new trend of small condos built in Greenpoint, North Brooklyn, share a common surname: Belvedere.

Krzysztof Rostek, the president of Belvedere Bridge Enterprises is the developer of those condos, which his company usually sells, manages and maintains. There are dozens of similar buildings up yet there is one on Green Street, that is a bit different:

“It is a red-brick building, accented with white columns and old-fashioned window sills, balconies up above and words carved above the entrance: Osho Castle. It is an empty building that will soon be put up for sale as a rental property for the second time.”

osho castle NY

It is also a copycat building.

“I liked it,” the building’s owner, Ashvin Shah, said of the Belvedere style. So Mr. Shah hired a Belvedere architect to put up a building of his own, and said, “We wanted to do it the same.”

New York Times
Credit to Dhanyam

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