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Ganja sent a photo of an intriguing poster…


The present whereabouts of this poster are not known; the photo was scanned from a book, title unknown. A mystery! However, Ganja verified that he has a sister poster, pinned to his wall since many years. The size is 35 cm x 50 cm, showing Ganesh and Rishi, studying an ancient text. He bought it in Kathmandu in the mid-seventies. An antique!

He recalled, “I’d known about the place called the ‘Eden Hashish Centre’ from a friend who had been there in the early seventies, and I still remember watching the slides from his trip. And there, in a small alley commonly known as Freak Street, among a generous collection of places catering to the needs of backpackers and freaks, there was this awesome place, which to me and some of the folks I used to hang out with, seemed to be heaven right here on earth!

“By then the ‘Eden Hashish Centre’ had morphed into the ‘Eden Rug and Art Shop’. As friends might know, originally cannabis products were totally legal in Nepal, but after American intervention were outlawed in 1973. I’d come after that happened, but the whole attitude towards cannabis was still pretty much relaxed. So at the Centre they were still selling the stuff, under the counter, and they still had those wonderful posters for sale (which were originally the upper parts of wall calendars).”

Swami Prem Ganja

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