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WriterKeb reviews Arjuna’s latest best selling book at on August 5, 2015

Predictions blood moonReading this book was like attending another John Hogue Master Class. As with John’s other books I’ve read, I read it twice – first – because it only involved investing about 2 hours of my time, and second – because there was so much information within those two hours of reading to digest and process, it was well worth a second read! In this book, like his others I’ve read, John helps to remove old constructs for those determined to see, hear, act and think for themselves rather than relying on information given to them by the media, those in political power, perhaps family members, and those in religious power – all of whom would like us to to hear, act and think the way they want us to for the sake of power, profit or high ratings. After reading the beginning chapters of this book, it is easy to see how intoxicating power was, is, and can be – especially when power can easily be exerted over the closed minds of those willing to believe anything put before them – obeying whatever master they’ve been conditioned to follow – be it from the aforementioned sources, or from new ones determined to rule this world – even if it means the destruction of this world!

As I’ve mentioned in other reviews of John’s work, I am always in awe of his knowledge of history, astrology, religion and current events! I cannot remember names or dates, but I always learn something new from John. It took time for me to rip away old constructs and decades of programming from others, but once I did break free, I learned to think for myself and to never give my personal power away to another human being, who may be as flawed as I am. I’m paraphrasing, but John points out in the later pages of this book that he, too, wants people to think for themselves and not follow him blindly like they have done with others. I loved reading that!

While reading, I kept hearing myself say “This is like having a one on one conversation with John.” Not a few pages later, I almost fell off my chair when I read – again paraphrasing – that John was treating this work as if he were having a one on one conversation with the person who got through that far in his book.

Perhaps for a first time reader of John’s work, the Introduction could be challenging, but keep on keeping on – through the first Blood Moon chapter, the second Blood Moon chapter, and the third Blood Moon chapter because you will be given the chance to open your mind to scientific fact, not fiction; to historic fact, not fiction, and to current history fact and not fiction! This will lead you into the fourth Blood Moon chapter, which was my favorite. Once again, John did not leave me feeling hopeless – he offered a way to find authentic power – through meditation – and he offers help with how to get started if this is a new concept for you. If you are a meditator, this chapter will offer reinforcement and encouragement. As John points out in the last pages of this book, we do not have to believe in an inevitable future! We do have the power to create change!

At 66 years of age, I’ve had all the scientific, historic and religious fiction I care to have forced on me. This book and others may be challenging to some personal belief systems, but if you open the window of your mind, you might just breathe in the fresh air of scientific, historic and religious fact! John even wrote that you do not have to believe what he has to say. He offered a resource where where you can fact check on your own.

If you will bear with me, I will tell you why this book resonated on such a high note with me when John touched upon the future possibility of wars and when doors could open for such wars to become a reality.

NewsweekMy home is just a few short miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, so I personally lived through Hurricane Sandy for what felt like the longest 24 hours of my life – lying alone in a bathtub, in total darkness, listening to roof shingles being torn from my roof and hearing tree branches cracking and feeling the house shake when they hit the ground. In spite of the terrifying circumstances, and of course, hoping my pets and I would be okay, and that I’d still have a house in the morning, my thoughts completely changed from myself to all of the people who have lived through, and continue to live in war zones! Hurricane Sandy had created a war zone along the Atlantic Coast. You only had to look at pictures of the devastating aftermath to know what I mean.

I came through with some downed trees and missing roof shingles, while houses along back bay lagoons like that of my own brother were completely destroyed by flood waters with his and hundreds of other peoples’ every last personal belonging piled sky-high along the streets waiting to be hauled away! This is what 24 hours of Nature’s Fury did to my home town and many others along the Coast. But storm didn’t just rip homes off of their foundations, it ripped open my heart. I could only imagine what it must be like for babies, children, men, women, and beloved animals, who now live through this kind of chaos and terror every single day because of man made wars!

Having seen what Mother Nature accomplished in 24 hours, I couldn’t begin to imagine why any human being would be so anxious to want to deliberately destroy this planet when it is in their power not to! For this reason, now when I listen to anyone beating the drums of war, I beat a handmade Native American drum, so that I can connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Now, instead of speaking or acting in angry haste, I take a breath and think before I act, so that I can make better choices than I might have in the past. I now want to live in a world where I, and no one else, need live in fear of a nuclear war, or from Mother Nature as a result of climate change from abuse of our environment, or even from someone who doesn’t like me for “fill in the blank” reason – or worse yet – for no reason at all! John gives a way to make this possible!

John Hogue family
Arjuna, his mom Vipassana, brother Jim and sister-in-law, Linda

The one thing I have never read in this book – or any others that John has written that I’ve read – is John taking sides! It’s always “Just the facts, Ma’am!” Which is why I recommend this book and any other you might be drawn to that John has written. John is a beacon of light, and he shines that light where it is needed! He reminds me very much of the Barnegat Lighthouse that I love to visit so much. Just like “Old Barney” shines his light in the darkness, so that boats can navigate the dangerous shoals in the inlet he protects, John shines his light of wisdom and reason to help us navigate safely through our own dangerous waters. What makes all of this more appreciated by me, and I hope by all of his readers, is that he does it all by writing book after book, while still living a very human life – filled with financial and personal responsibilities – and during the same number of hours in a day that the rest of us are given! May John continue to write for many years to come – so that he can continue to be that alarm clock we all need to wake us up! Thank you, John!

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