The Illusion Of Choice

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The global market is firmly in control of a few main corporations.

Entering any of the mostly faceless supermarkets that have infested our globe (forgive me, but I love mom and pop stores), one feels overwhelmed by what seems like an incredible variety of consumer goods crammed into shelves, enticing the consumer to choose and spend – but here’s something you might not know: this is an illusion!

Oxfam International published the infographic below as part of a report on the environmental and social responsibility of the ‘Big 10’ food and beverage companies. In 2013 they said, “The “Big 10” food and beverage companies – that together make $1 billion-a-day – are failing millions of people in developing countries who supply land, labour, water and commodities needed to make their products.”

Mega Corporations

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The ten largest multinational corporations own almost everything people buy in supermarkets around the world. By creating chains of smaller brands that produce different products, it appears that there are many more companies involved offering consumer goods. However, all money spent by consumers ends up with the top ten corporations.

Want to express your more unique and independent lifestyle and support the local producers?  – buy fresh goods at markets (also healthier) and prepare more of your food from scratch!

BhagawatiBhagawati is a regular contributor to Osho News

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